Top 4 Beaches in Japan with White Sand Perfect for Summer Holidays

Top 4 Beaches in Japan with White Sand Perfect for Summer Holidays
Summer in Japan is extremely hot, even though it is early July. The best way to survive the heat in summer is obviously swimming in the sea! Here are 4 recommended white sand beaches to enjoy summer to the fullest. Is it safe? How to get to the beach? Are there any Instagram-worthy sights around? You will find all the answers in this article. Let's dive into it!

What's in

What does Shirahama Beach mean? Where is it?

The Japanese name Shirahama Kaigan refers to the white sand beaches that Japan is gifted with everywhere. Since the coast is the area where the land meets the sea, there are several beaches called the same name "Shirahama" in Japan. Even within the same Shirahama Kaigan, activities and scenery vary from place to place, so we recommend that you research it in advance.

1.Nanki-Shirahama/Wakayama Pref.

Shirarahama Beach


The best white sand beach in the Nanki-Shirahama area is Shirarahama Beach! Shirarahama Beach, with its beautiful shoreline of 620 meters of white sand, has been selected as one of the "100 best beaches in Japan. Shirarahama Beach is a sister beach of Waikiki Beach in Hawaii and is known for having the earliest swim season opening in Honshu in early May. During the summer, more than 600,000 tourists visit the beach every year. At Shirarahama Beach you can enjoy gorgeous sceneries of Shirahama Hot Springs, Engetsu Island, and Senjyoshiki (tiered rock formation), which are very famous in the vicinity of Shirahama Beach.

【What to do】
Swimming, hot springs, visiting superb sightseeing spots, seafood, Adventure World theme park, etc.

■Shirarahama Beach
【Address】864 Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
【Access】5 minutes by car from "Shirahama Station" on the JR Kisei Line
15 minutes from the Kisei Expressway "Nanki Shirahama IC" Right before the nearest bus stop "Shirarahama"
【Parking】Available *Roads and parking lots are usually crowded during the sea summer period.
【Swimming season】 May 3rd (Tue) - August 31st (Wed), 2022
【WEB site】

Recommended scenic spots nearby
Engetsu Island Senjojiki Rock Plateau

2. Shirahama Beach/Chiba Pref. Minamiboso City

Nemoto Coast, the Shirahama Beach in Minamiboso City

  ▲Nemoto Coast, the Shirahama Beach in Minamiboso City

Shirahama Beach in Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture, is one of the representative and popular tourist destinations here. Mountains or Sea? Forget about it, here you can enjoy both, the sea and gorgeous Mt. Fuji. The coastline varies from place to place, but there are 3 major swimming areas: Nemoto Beach, Nagura Beach, and Shioura Beach. The summer season is especially crowded with people coming to enjoy the endless blue skies and seas. The coastline stretches for a long distance, making it ideal for driving while enjoying the pleasant breeze. There are also many other sightseeing spots nearby, including the Nojimasaki Lighthouse and Cape Nojima. The place is great for children so families are very welcome here.

Sunset from Nemoto Beach 2

  ▲Sunset from Nemoto Beach, the Shirahama Beach in Minamiboso City

In the evening, you can see an amazingly beautiful sunset on Nemoto Beach. The orange glow of the setting sun and Mount Fuji make the atmosphere powerful and tranquil. It would be nice to see such a view at least once in your life.

【What to do in Minamiboso Shirahama】
Swimming, beach activities, hot springs, sightseeing, seafood, fruit picking, shrines, theme parks

■Shirahama Beach (Minamiboso City, Chiba Prefecture)
【Address】Shirahama, Shirahama-cho, Minamiboso-shi, Chiba 295-0102
by car: about an hour and 20 minutes
From Tateyama Expressway, Kisarazu Minami IC via National Route 127, Futtsu Tateyama Expressway (Takeoka IC-Tomiura IC)
by bus: from Tateyama Station on the JR Uchibo Line, take the bus bound for Awa Shirahama and get off at the "End Stop", and walk for 10 minutes.
【Swimming season】 May 3rd (Tue) - August 31st (Wed), 2022
【WEB site】

Recommended scenic spots nearby
Nojimasaki Lighthouse Cape Nojima

  ▲Nojimasaki Lighthouse                                       ▲Cape Nojima

【Scenic spot to check out】
・Nojimasaki Lighthouse: Panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and its surroundings
・Cape Nojima: sunrise, sunset, star-filled sky (including the Milky Way)

3. Izu Shirahama Beach/Shizuoka Pref.

Izu Shirahama Beach

  ▲Shirahama Beach of Izu

Shirahama Beach in Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is the largest and most beautiful beach on the Izu Peninsula, with 700 meters of beautiful coastline. The vast sandy beach gives a liberating feeling, and the beautiful contrast between the white sand and the emerald green sea attracts many spectators. The beach is famous throughout Japan, and attracts many surfers and young people every year. In mid-July, the "Shirahama Sea Fireworks Festival" is held to pray for the safety at sea, and it is a very popular festival that attracts not only locals but also many tourists. There are also other scenic spots scattered around the area, such as "Daimyojin Iwa," where you can watch the first sunrise of the year, and the Shimoda Ropeway, which offers a panoramic view of Shimoda City.

【What to do in Izu Shirahama Beach】
Swimming, surfing, snorkeling, sightseeing, Shimoda Underwater Aquarium theme park

【Address】Shirahama, Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture
【By train】
■From Tokyo
Direct: Limited Express Odoriko JR Tokyo Station → Izukyu-Shimoda Station (2 h. 45 min.)
Shinkansen: JR Tokyo Station → JR Atami Station → Izukyu-Shimoda Station (2 h. 30 min.)
Odakyu Line: Shinjuku Station → JR Odawara Station → Izukyu Shimoda Station (3 hours)
■From Nagoya
Shinkansen: JR Nagoya Station → JR Atami Station → Izukyu-Shimoda Station (3 h. 30 min.)
【By bus】
Bus platform No. 9 in front of the Izukyu-Shimoda Station (15 min.)
【By car】
Tomei Atsugi IC → Via Odawara / Atami (about 2 h. 30 min.)
Tomei Numazu IC → via Amagi Pass (about 2 h.)
【Parking】 Not available *Please use the nearby parking lot.
【Swimming season】Mid-July to late August
【Surfing area】Available
【WEB site】

Recommended scenic spots nearby
Red Torii in Shirahama Shrine

4. Shirahama Beach/Aomori Pref.

  ▲Kabu Island (Kabushima)

Shirahama Beach in Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture, has the largest swimming area within the city, which is adjacent to "Kabushima" (Kabu Island). Usually, from late July to mid-August, the area is in full swing, with stores and eateries open for business. It is a summer recreation spot that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age. In 2006, it was selected as one of the "100 Best Pleasure Bathing Spots in Japan" by the Ministry of the Environment. There are also some spectacular scenic spots nearby, including "Ashigezaki Observatory," a viewing spot overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and "Kabushima," a natural monument designated as a breeding ground for petrels.

【What to do at Shirahama Beach (Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture)】
Swimming, BBQ, camping, sightseeing, surfing

■Hachinohe City Shirahama Beach
【Address】32 Horigome, Samemachi, Hachinohe City, Aomori Prefecture
by car:
35 minutes from Hachinohe Station
25 minutes from Hachinohe city center
30 minutes from Hachinohe IC on the Hachinohe Expressway
by train:
5 minutes walk from JR Mutsu Shirahama Station, 1 hour 15 minutes walk from Same Station on the JR Hachinohe Line
by bus:
Take the Tanesashi Coast Sightseeing Bus "Umineko" and get off at "Shirahama-kaisui-yokujomae" bus stop
【Parking】Not available *Please use the nearby parking lot
【Swimming season】Early July to late August
【WEB site】

Recommended scenic spots nearby
Ashigezaki Observatory Kabushima Island


The sense of freedom and the contrast between the white sandy beach and the blue ocean are so beautiful that many of you may want to go there as soon as possible. Shirahama Coast has many beaches and sightseeing spots where you can enjoy the spectacular view, so you will definitely have fun. Students and adults, as well as children, are likely to be satisfied. Don't miss a great opportunity to refresh your feelings! We hope you will find this information useful for your summer vacation.

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