Five Top Spots for Autumn Foliage in November

Five Top Spots for Autumn Foliage in November
When the hot and humid Japanese summer is finally over, the glorious autumn arrives. Autumn leaves are the best way to enjoy Japanese Fall! But there are so many places to enjoy them that sometimes you don't know where to go. There must be many people who have questions such as, "When is the best time to see the autumn leaves? In this article, we will introduce five popular spots where the best time to enjoy colored leaves is in November!


Which area has the best fall foliage in November?

The best areas for autumn foliage viewing in November are located mainly from Honshu to Kyushu, although there are a few exceptions. Of course, the season may vary depending on the climate of that year. The Kinki area is relatively late, and there are many spots where visitors can enjoy autumn foliage from late November to early December.

1. Nagatoro Gorge (Saitama Prefecture)

Nagatoro Gorge (Saitama Prefecture) autumn foliage

  ▲Nagatoro Line Kudari (River Boating)(Saitama)/ Image Courtesy:PIXTA 

Chichibu Nagatoro Station is accessible in about two hours from central Tokyo. The autumn foliage along the Arakawa River running through the town of Nagatoro is designated as a national scenic beauty spot and a natural monument, and the Nagatoro Autumn Foliage Festival is held from November 1 to 30, attracting many tourists including locals every year to see the autumn leaves in Nagatoro. We recommend taking a boat ride or a ropeway to enjoy the autumn foliage in a relaxing atmosphere.

■Nagatoro Gorge (Saitama Prefecture)
Best Season: Early November to late November
Tree species: Japanese maple, Sawtooth Oak, Common Oak
Address:489-2 Nagatoro, Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture 369-1305
Parking Lot:availible
Official HP: Nagatoro Tourist Association Official Website

2. Mt. Takao (Tokyo)

Autumn colors of Mount Takao (Tokyo)

  ▲Autumn colors of Mount Takao (Tokyo)/ Image Courtesy:PIXTA 

Located in Hachioji City, Tokyo, Mt. Takao is easily accessible from the central area, making it convenient for a day trip. Mount Takao changes its appearance in each of the four seasons, but the autumn colors are particularly exceptional. The blazing red leaves spreading from the top of the mountain to the entire valley captivate everyone's hearts, and it is a popular spot visited by many hikers every year during the fall foliage season.

Cable car passing through the autumn leaves of Mount Takao

  ▲Cable car passing through the autumn leaves of Mount Takao(Tokyo)/ Image Courtesy:PIXTA 

The steepest grade of the cable car, which runs from the foot of Mt. Takao to halfway, is 31 degrees and 18 min., which is the steepest grade for a cable car line in Japan. During the fall foliage season, the cable car is lined with trees turned red and yellow, creating a spectacular view as if you were passing through a tunnel of autumn leaves.

■Mt. Takao (Tokyo)
Best Season: Mid-November to late November
Tree species: Japanese maple (Irohamomiji)
Address: Takao Town, Hachioji City, Tokyo
Parking Lot:availible
*It is very crowded during the season of fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and Hatsumode (New Year's visit to shrines).
Official HP: Takao Tozan Railway

3.Korankei Gorge (Aichi Prefecture)

Autumn Leaves of Korankei

  ▲Autumn leaves in Korankei (Aichi)/ Image Courtesy:PIXTA 

Korankei Gorge is known as one of the most famous autumn foliage viewing spots in Japan, with approximately 4,000 trees turning red and yellow along the Tomoe River, a tributary of the Yahagi River.

Korankei Fall Foliage Light-up

  ▲Illuminated Autumn Leaves in Korankei (Aichi)/ Image Courtesy:PIXTA 

From sunset to 9:00 p.m., the area is illuminated, offering a spectacular view of the autumn leaves that is different from the daytime view.

■Korankei Gorge (Aichi Prefecture)
Best Season: Mid-November to late November
Tree species: Japanese maple (Irohamomiji, Oomomiji), yellow-paint maple, and other 11 species
Address: Iimori, Asuke Town, Toyota City
Parking Lot: available(fee-based)
Official HP: 【Korankei】Toyota City Official Travel Site

4.Kankakei Gorge (Kagawa Prefecture)

Autumn leaves in Kankakei Gorge

  ▲Autumn leaves in Kankakei Gorge (Kagawa)/ Image Courtesy:PIXTA 

Kankakei Gorge, one of the three major gorges in Japan, provides one of the most scenic spots in Setonaikai National Park. It has also been selected as one of the three most scenic spots in Japan and one of the 100 most scenic spots in Japan, offering unique valley landscape scenery. The view from the ropeway, which runs through the large, vertically towering rock walls, is truly breathtaking. We strongly recommend visiting here during autumn foliage.

■Kankakei Gorge (Kagawa Prefecture)
Best Season: Early November to late November
Tree species: Mostly Japanese maple
Address: "Sancho Station" (Kankakei Ropeway): 168 Kankakedori, Shodoshima, Shozu District, Kagawa 761-4433  "Koun Station": 327-1 Shinkake-dori Otsu, Shodoshima-cho
Parking Lot: available
Official HP: Kankakei Gorge Official Website (Japanese)

5.Takachiho Gorge (Miyazaki Prefecture)

Autumn leaves in Takachiho Gorge

  ▲Takachiho Gorge (Miyazaki Prefecture)/ Image Courtesy:PIXTA 

Takachiho Gorge, designated as a national scenic beauty and natural monument, was formed by the erosion of pyroclastic flows that erupted from the volcanic activity of Mount Aso in the past. The high cliffs stretch for 7 km. The Manai Falls (Manaino Falls), which fall from a height of approximately 17 meters to the water's surface, is known as the symbolic scenery of Takachiho Gorge. Boat rides are very popular here, and the view of Manai Falls from the boat is truly impressive. The gorge is even more attractive during the autumn foliage season when the canyon turns in vivid colors.

■Takachiho Gorge (Miyazaki Prefecture)
Best Season: Mid-November to late November
Tree species: Mostly Japanese maple
Address: Mishioi Mitai, Takachiho Town, Nishiusuki District, Miyazaki Prefecture
Parking Lot: available(fee-based)
Official HP: [Takachiho Gorge ] Takachiho Town Tourist Association Official Websiteト

Last but not least

We hope you enjoyed our article here. Autumn leaves, a symbol of Japanese autumn, always fascinate us. The five popular autumn foliage spots introduced in this article are all must-see spots during the autumn foliage season. We hope you will find them useful in your November travel plans.

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