Why is Tokashiki Island the best thing that can happen to you in Okinawa?

Why is Tokashiki Island the best thing that can happen to you in Okinawa?
When official summer is already over and golden autumn is at the corner, there is a great chance to catch the last warm days and visit Okinawa. In this article, you will find all the information you need to have your perfect vacation on a bounty beach for an affordable price.

1. About Tokashiki Island

渡嘉敷島 ドローンからのビュー
Tokasiki (jap: Tokashiki Jima) is the largest island in Kerama Island National Park, with an area of 15 square kilometers, and is spectacular with crystal-clear blue waters...
The Island is located an hour's ride on Tokashiki Ferry or 30 minutes on a speedboat from the Tomari Port, Naha City.
The population here is about 800 people and they even have an elementary school right in front of the most beautiful Aharen beach. Imagine growing up in school, looking out the window at the sky-blue sea while your teacher leads you into the world of math.

2. Why Tokashiki Island is the most affordable little paradise?

阿波連ビーチ 光ってる海と白い砂浜
At first, Naha airport on the main island of Okinawa accepts many planes from all over the country, and tickets to Naha are the cheapest among other Okinawan destinations. And the trip from the airport to Tomari Port takes only 25 minutes on the beautiful monorail. If you want to visit the island for a day and return in the evening, you can always find hotels nearby for all budgets. But we highly recommend staying at least 1 night on the island. Here you can book a very budget guesthouse or a private room in a beautiful island hotel.
渡嘉敷島 渡嘉志久ビーチ 白い砂浜
Tokashiki has one of Okinawa's most beautiful white sand beaches with great nature around, incredible wildlife, and corals. There are two major beaches on the island. Aharen beach is an ideal place for snorkeling and Tokashiku beach is a hidden place, with fewer people. It is also called the turtle beach, this is where you're one hundred percent likely to meet sea turtles.
On the island you can enjoy sunbathing, BBQ, snorkeling, diving, SUP, banana boat riding, uninhabited island tour, and even whale watching! You can rent everything you need for activities at the beach houses. Even though it's a small island, you can find good coffee, pizza, divine burgers, and amazing Japanese food here. What else do you need for a perfect weekend?

3. How to get to Tokashiki?

If you do not live on the main island, you need to fly to Naha Airport, take the Yui Rail monorail and get off at Miebashi Station. Then walk 8 minutes to Tomari Port. Find the Tokashiki Island counter and buy a ticket for Ferry Tokashiki (1-hour ride) or Marine Liner Tokashiki (30-minute ride). The best way is to book your seat online. There is no need to pay immediately, you will come on the day of departure and if the weather conditions are good, just provide your reservation number and pay by card or cash. If the boat is canceled, you don't have to pay anything. The high-speed small boat might also be canceled due to strong wind, so it is safer to take the large Ferry Tokashiki. Reservations also can be made over the phone.

【Website to book your trip】Tokashiki Ferry Portal Site
【Phone reservations】(10:00~17:00)098-868-7541
【Fares (yen)】
・Ferry Tokashiki
Round Trip Adult 3,210; Child 1,610 + Environmental Tax 100
・Marine Liner Tokashiki
Round Trip Adult 4,810; Child 2,410 + Environmental Tax 100
※Adults: junior high school students and older, children: elementary school students and younger. One infant under elementary school age is free with an accompanying adult.

4. Places to visit



|Aharen Beach

Relaxing on this beach surrounded by beautiful mountains and cliffs is the greatest luxury. It is ideal for snorkeling and deep enough for swimming. The beach is located in the busiest area of the island and has all the amenities you would expect from a typical resort, including great food.
  • アハレンビーチの岩野中にあるホールの入り口
  • クバンダキ展望台からのアハレンビーチのビュー 青い海 白い砂浜
On the right side of the sandy beach is a stunning cliff, and the Kubandaki Observatory on top of it is a great place to watch the sunset.
On the right side of the beach are stunning cliffs, and on top of them is Kubandaki Observatory (クバンダキ展望台) - a gorgeous place for sunset views. We recommend that you stock up on some cold drinks or grab an ice cream and arrive 30 minutes before sunset. You can choose to watch the sundown from the highest point of the observatory or descend to the cliffs, a secret spot that not everyone notices.
The trail from the observatory leads all the way to the shore along the rugged cliffs. It is worth withdrawing cash in advance, as there is only one ATM on the island (at the post office in the port). There is also only one Arakaki Convenience Store (7AM-9PM) in the village where you can buy household items and a very tasty onigiri.

From the port, take a bus to Aharen Beach for about 400 yen. About 15 minutes by the main road.
Because of its easy accessibility, this beach is especially recommended for day-trippers.

|Tokashiku Beach

The beach is less touristy and covered in greenery, making it ideal for those who want to spend a quiet time.
There is a large park with grass next to the beach, and the beach itself is a shallow lagoon, making it suitable for family trips as children can also enjoy it.
Although there are few types of underwater life, the focus is on sea turtles. This beach is recommended for those who want to see sea turtles, as there is a high probability of encountering them. Although the beach has minimal facilities such as toilets, showers with charge, a few hotels and cafes.

10 minutes by rental car or local cab (there is only one taxi on the island) 
If you have reserved accommodations, a car will pick you up and drop you off.

|Aharen Cape First Observatory

Located at the southernmost tip of the island, this observatory offers a delightful panoramic view of almost all of Tokashiki Island. It can be reached by rental car, cab, or a 45-minute walk.
The highlight is the starry sky and falling stars. Be sure to check in advance what day falling stars will occur. The island is away from the hustle and bustle of the city, so there is no light pollution and you can see the starry sky.


On full moon nights, the full moon illuminates the beach, creating a wonderful view you never imagined.

5. To-Do list (2 Days 1 Night plan)

    【Day 1】
09:30 Arrive at Tomari Port and purchase tickets 
11:10 Arrive at Tokashiki Island and take the pick-up car from the reserved hotel
to Aharen Beach
11:30~14:00 Snorkeling and swimming at Aharen Beach 
14:00~15:00 Lunch 
15:00~15:45 Walk Time! Walk to Aharen Cape First Observatory 
15:45~16:30 Relief time and commemorative photo shoots 
16:30~17:15 Return to the village before sunset 
17:15~18:30 Watching the sunset at the Kubandaki Observatory 
18:30~20:00 Dinner at Half 1/2 Time, a burger restaurant with the most trendy look and
unique atmosphere 
20:00 Free time 
23:30 Starry sky (or "white night") 
    【Day 2】
08:00 Breakfast 
09:00~09:30 Stroll to Tokashiku Beach 
09:30~13:30 Sea turtle watching and swimming 
13:30~15:00 Return to hotel, shower, prepare for departure 
15:00~15:30 Transfer to Tokashiki Port 
16:00~17:10 Departure to Naha City

6. Conclusion

How was it? The world's most beautiful ocean, "Kerama Blue," and the sunset and starry sky look wonderful. If you like diving, Tokashiku Beach, where you have a high chance of seeing sea turtles, must be very attractive. We hope you will find it useful when you travel to Okinawa.
Pack your backpack and hurry to explore Tokashiki Island before it gets too mainstream. Do not forget your sunscreen and hat. The sun in Okinawa is merciless.
*Business hours and prices are subject to change. Please check the official websites in advance.

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