8 Kumamoto great views: Road of Laputa, Trolley train Yuusuge, Sensuikyo gorges...

8 Kumamoto great views: Road of Laputa, Trolley train Yuusuge, Sensuikyo gorges...

I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to all of those who have passed away and
my deepest sympathy to all of those who have been affected by the consecutive earthquakes occurred mainly in Kumamoto.

For this time, praying for the soonest recovery in Kumamoto, I would like to introduce to the 8 selections of zekkeis that Kumamoto is proud of for the world.

1. Photographers in the world gather to「Okoshiki Kaigan beach」

It is the picturesque scenery selected as "Japan's 100 Most Beautiful Beaches" and as "Japan's 100 Most Beautiful Sunsets". Artistic patterns of tidal flats appear on the beach, depending on the rise and fall of the tide. The day that the low tide and the sunset overlap, are just over dozen days in one year. So, seeking for the miracle moment, many photographers visit from all over the world.

2. The zekkei of the Sky [Road of Laputa]

When the sea of clouds appears, "Aso City Road Kario Main Line" going to Mt Kita Gairinzan changes to the zekkei, which is resemble to Ghibli's masterpiece "Laputa: Castle in the Sky".

3. Flowing like curtains「Nabegataki waterfalls」

This is one of the famous spots of "Urami no Taki" where you can go behind the waterfalls. You can watch the movement of flowing water, and many tourists visit. The scene of water flowing like curtains is beautiful, and the waterfalls will be illuminated during the Golden Week.

4. A large prairie with diameter of 1km「Kusasenri」

Kusasenri is located in the best place to overlook Mt Nakadake of Mt Asosan, emitting smokes. A big pond, born by accumulation of rains is in the center of vast prairie of 1km diameter, and horses and cows are released in a pasture. The landscapes that are quite different by four seasons are also points to see.

5. A good 50 thousand flowers are flourishing profusely「Sensuikyo gorges」

It is famous for a good approximately 50,000 "Miyamakirishima (a kind of azalea)" are flourishing profusely. Literally, it is said that even a hermit was intoxicated with the beauty and fragrance of the Miyamakirishima. (* Sensui Kyo means in Japanese, that “drunk hermit gorges”.) It is gorges on the north foot of Mt Nakadake and Mt Takadake of Mt Aso, and is "a nature made art", formed by a stream of lava when Mt Aso erupted.

6. 「Mt. Asosan」

With 18km from east to west, 25km from south to north, and with about 100km of circumference, the Aso Caldera is proudly one of the largest class in the world. It is the active volcano, emitting the smokes even today, from such large caldera. A ropeway is in operation from the terminal station of a mountain bus, and it connects the difference of elevation of 108m in 4 minutes. From the ropeway, which is running over the active volcano for the first in the world, you can see the active crater very close.

7. 「The Trolley train Yuusuge」

Minami Aso Railway "Yuusuge". It is operating round trips between Tateno station and Takamori station. As the train drives slower than usual, you can enjoy well the landscapes. Single fare is for adults Yen 1,280, and for children Yen 740.

8. Natural cooler 「Kikuchi Keikoku valley」

Kikuchi Keikoku valley is also called as a natural cooler, and the average temperature is about 13 degree Celsius even in summer. You can enjoy the beautiful forest and the clear stream throughout the year, such as fresh green in spring, an escape from a heat of summer, colorful Autumn leaves, and flowers of rime in winter.

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