Countless smiles facing the sun! The summer tradition "sunflower" spectacular scenery ranking

Countless smiles facing the sun! The summer tradition
With the summer heat in Japan during August, it makes you think twice of going outside.
The scorching and burning sunlight makes its presence felt.

But, summer does not only bring the heat.
It also presents us with beautiful and blooming "sunflowers" made possible by the long hours of sunlight.

With full smiles and not to be outdone by the strong sun, we present the rankings of spectacular sunflower sceneries.

No. 5

Sunflower Fields in Akeno (Yamanashi Prefecture)

Akeno boasts the sight where 600,000 sunflowers bloom facing towards the sun.
This is best experienced from late July to late August.
During the sunflower blooming season, the "Hokuto city sunflower festival" is also being held in Akeno. Not only would you be able to view the sunflowers during this time, but you can also enjoy sunflower soft ice cream and join the sunflower photo contest as well.

No. 4

Bibaushi Elementary School Bell Tower (Hokkaido Prefecture)

From this location. see the very rare scenery of the sunflower field popping out from the other side of this elementary school with a cute pointy roof.
With such a European scenery, you may find yourself pondering the awesome school life here everyday using your imagination.

No. 3

Tsunan-machi (Niigata Prefecture)

The sunflower of Tsunan-machi seen from the "observation area" spreads across the field like a big yellow carpet. Plus, getting lost in the field is one form of entertainment that you can experience. And since stalls are also lined up at the sunflower square, you can fully enjoy the "scenery", "fun" and the "food".

No. 2

Furano (Hokkaido Prefecture)

"Furano" is popular for its lavender field in July. But it is also extremely beautiful when viewed during August.
Hokkaido fields are rich for growing sunflowers. It's not for viewing so it does not necessarily grow in the same place every year. It's worth to search and have a look at the sunflower field in this very wide land. Plus. you might be lucky enough to come across a blooming sunflower. In short, the whole town is one whole big sunflower field.


Hokuryu-cho (Hokkaido Prefecture)

There are amazing 1,500,000 sunflowers that are blooming in the "home of the sunflower" in Hokuryu-cho. All the flowers bloom facing the same direction on the east and each of the petals appeal to tourists. The best time to view them would be now in early August. Together with the blooming of the sunflowers, fireworks and Bon festival dances are also being held during this time.
Hokuryu-cho is where you can go back a number of times and fully enjoy all the fun in one summer.

It is just the right time to view sunflowers in August. The brightness and the intensity which is often compared to the sun gives us the energy at any time.

But the best time to enjoy the sceneries would be during brighter summer days. Ensure to take in enough liquid and salts, be careful of heat stroke and fully enjoy the summer.

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