Tips for Shinkansen (the bullet train)

Tips for Shinkansen (the bullet train)
Japan is the country that comparatively fulfills railway networks, compared to the land area. Do you know the total extension distance of railway in Japan? Surprisingly, it is reaching 27,182km. I have introduced to tips to making a full use of such Japan's railway before.
[Tips on trips in Japan] How to master taking the railways
For this time, with special attention to Shinkansen among railways, I will introduce to "good-to-know" information.

1. A new train model of platypus shaped

The Shinkansen was born in Japan in 1964 when Tokyo Olympic was held. It started in service on the line of today's Tokaido Shinkansen (Tokyo - Osaka). It is said that at that time it connected about 4 hours from Tokyo to Osaka by 200 km/h. Then after during one half century, it has been improved repeatedly, and the highest speed per hour became 270 km/h! It reached finally 285 km/h in 2007, and it now can connect from Tokyo to Osaka in 2 hours 22 minutes at the shortest.
The train model of this super high speed Shinkansen is the model called 700 series or N700 series.
To increase the speed by holding the resistance of wind at the minimum, engineers thought out of finishing a streamlined-shape, by making pilots' seats as thin as possible. 700 series is also expressed as "platypus series" by looks. A posture of its outrunning in high-speed is just as that of platypus swimming. By all means, please find it out with your eyes. It is something inspiring.

2. See-able yellow train cars when lucky

When hear about the Shinkansen, what kind of train cars do you imagine? Many people might probably recall train cars of white or green based tones. Actually, a yellow Shinkansen is running sometimes, and did you know it?
Because these are just only 2 compositions of the Shinkansen, called Dr. Yellow, you can hardly see them. Once in a ten days, their works are to measure while actually running, the railroad conditions, the conditions of overhead power lines, and the conditions of signaling current, etc. Please by all means check it since it is said to bring good luck when you see that train cars.

3. Mt. Fuji viewing from Shinkansen is splendid

I often receive the questions of "Please advise where is a place to view the most beautiful Mt Fuji". Although areas around Lake Kawaguchiko or around Hakone/Lake Ashinoko are often taken up in the guide books, the beauty of Mt Fuji viewing from "inside of train cars of Tokaido Shinkansen" is not well known.
When going to Osaka from Tokyo, if you are sitting on the right side in the direction of travel, you can worship the big Mt Fuji. Besides, though intermittently, you can view it for about 10 minutes, so it is less possible that you will miss a chance to take pictures.
If "the super-express Nozomi" or "the super-express Hikari", trains will reach the good viewing spot in 40 minutes after leaving from Tokyo station. If you are dozing off, it will be passing by, so please be careful.

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