Kawachi Fuji Garden for wisteria flowers and trellis

Kawachi Fuji Garden for wisteria flowers and trellis
Highly rated overseas as "10 beautiful places in the world that actually exist", "Kawachi Fuji Garden" is often brought up the topic in SNS and in some all over the world.
It is located in Kitakyushu city, Fukuoka prefecture, and known by those sightseeing spots particularly of fantastic wisteria trellis and tunnels of wisteria flowers.
Because of that too beautiful zekkei (great view), too many tourists visit from all over the world during April to May every year.

For this time, I will introduce to attractiveness of that too beautiful "Kawachi Fuji Garden".

Even no advertisement, it is packed out. Kawachi Fuji Garden is just great.

Kawachi Fuji Garden is a private owned wisteria garden, and the ground area is surprisingly 3,000 tsubo (Japanese unit for land area. One tsubo is about 3.3 square meter). It is said that this is proudly the one of the widest in Japan.
In spring, more than 100 wisteria flowers of 22 kinds are blooming profusely in the ground, and other than wisteria flowers, it has about 700 Japanese maple trees, so the landscape in autumn is also overwhelming.

To keep that beauty, the garden controls thoroughly, and because wisteria flowers will be damaged if too many tourists come, it does not advertise at all.
Moreover, the entry is limited through the year, and general public visitors can only enter during limited periods of Spring and of Autumn.
But, wanting to see the zekkei (great view) even at a glance, many tourists and media from all over the world are visiting there. As a result, the reputation is instantly spread through word of mouth also in overseas.

* Because the period of opens of garden and the golden week overlap, you have to pre-reserve the tickets at convenience store for the entry during or around the period. There may have additional charges (Yen 500 to Yen 1000) on site, depending on blooming conditions.

Want to pass through at least once! Tunnels of wisteria flowers

When said about one of the viewpoints of Kawachi Fuji Garden, it is a tunnel of wisteria flowers.

In the garden, there are 2 kinds of tunnels with lengths of 80m and 220m, and you can pass through under the tunnels where wisteria flowers of 22 kinds are out-blooming.
That scene is really like a dream.
It may not be too much to say that this is the most beautiful tunnel in Japan.

Your eyes will be captivated by beautiful wisteria trellis

And the other must-see place are wisteria trellis.

On the other side of beautiful tunnel appear big wisteria trellis, spreading in about 1000 tsubo.

Viewing hanging wisteria flowers, it is irresistible to relax in the vast ground

Fragrance of wisteria flowers are spread around.

Concerned admission fee, access, and GW (Golden Week) of "Kawachi Fuji Garden"?

Access to Kawachi Fuji Garden is if by car, it will take about 15 minutes from Otani Interchange of Kitakyushu Expressway.
But, the parking will be fully packed, and it is estimated much traffic on the road nearby, so it is recommended to take a taxi from JR Yawata station.

And the admission fee varies depending on blooming conditions of wisteria, and is about Yen 300 to Yen 1,000.

Period of entry will also be changing, and the best period to see is Golden Week when wisteria flowers are out-blooming the most.

Of course, the autumn leaves are also very beautiful, and for the one who likes them, autumn is recommended.

The famous spot in Japan where you must visit at least once.
Why don't you visit by all means?

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