Blue pond Biei, Hokkaido, A Mac wallpaper

Blue pond Biei, Hokkaido, A Mac wallpaper
This time, introducing the "Blue pond" in Shirogane, Biei town, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido. It became the world's famous zekkei since adopted for wallpaper of Apple Mac.

"Blue pond" is a puddle, which was created by chance during construction after the volcanic eruption of Tokachi dake.
The contrast of withered trees and blue directs mysterious atmosphere.
Access:Going towards Biei city from Shirogane tourist center, and turning right at billboard of Blue pond, so that you can find it.

Zekkei pictures of "Blue pond", also adopted to Wallpaper of Mac

Since Apple selected the "Blue pond" as one of the Mac's bright wallpapers, it became well known in the world.
The "Blue" changes, according to weather.
But, you cannot see it in winter because of accumulated snow.

Why is it so much blue?

The reason is actually "aluminum".
When you trace the source, you can find that the ingredients that includes aluminum are out-flowing from "Shirohige no Taki", which is located in Shirogane Onsen near Blue pond.
This Shirohige no Taki and water of Biei river are mixed up, resulting colloid, and reflecting diffusely the sun beam.
What is "Shirohige no taki"?
A waterfall, with its elevation of drop of 30 meters and of height at 600 meters, is located in Shirogane Onsen go of Biei Town.
It is named because the water that flows and falls from gaps of rocks look like a white beard.
The flows of water risen from underground powerfully hit rocks, and splash brightly in cobalt blue.

It is said that the best season of "Blue pond" is from mid of May through late in June.
* From December until around March, it is prohibited to enter due to accumulation of snow.

Please take care that during Golden week in May, and Obon period, and on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are very crowded.
Until around 10AM, you can comparatively smoothly visit there.

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