Let's go hiking on the mountains covered in autumn leaves to fully enjoy the autumn season in Japan!

Let's go hiking on the mountains covered in autumn leaves to fully enjoy the autumn season in Japan!
What's the first thing that pops into everyone's head when Japan's autumn is mentioned?

During autumn, the mountains of Japan change into colorful landscapes with autumn leaves. Try to go hiking during your trip to Japan to fully enjoy the autumn leaves.

We are presenting the top 5 "Recommended hiking mountains in Japan" where visitors can enjoy autumn to the fullest.


Ginsendai (Hokkaido)

Mount Taizetsuzan in Ginsendai is known to be the first place to be covered with autumn leaves in Japan. It provides a scenery of contrast with overlapping layers of green, vermilion and yellow colors. The best time to see this would be from mid to late September. Make sure you check in advance before visiting, as there are access restrictions for private cars.


Sounkyo Valley (Hokkaido)

The Sounkyo Valley is a highly recommended spot with a majestic scenery of beautiful autumn leaves. Visitors can enjoy a grand scale welcome from two popular waterfalls named "Ginganotaki" and "Ryuuseinotaki". Your breath will certainly be taken away by the sight of the falls running strongly among the red-colored trees.
Enjoy hiking with the use of the lifts and the ropeways. The best time to visit is between mid September and mid October. Enjoy the superb view of these popular waterfalls and the autumn leaves, all in one spot.


Mount Norikura (Gifu)

A 3,026 meter high mountain extending over Matsumoto City in Nagano and Takayama city in Gifu. It may look intimidated to climb it at first, but since cars are allowed to drive up to around the 2,700 m mark, it is very easy to climb to the top.
The autumn leaves, whose colors are different depending on the height of their location, are truly spectacular. This phenomenon is best experienced between late September and early October. The view of the colorful grass and woods that completely cover the slopes from the top of the Tatamidaira is highly recommended as well.


Mount Takao (Tokyo)

Aside from its very good location which is just an hour away from Shinjuku, Mount Takao appeals to the majority with its well equipped hiking tracks. Choose your very own course to reach your goal. It's the perfect mountain spot for you to chat with your family or friends while hiking!
There are around 1,200 types of plants that grow within the mountain and the autumn maple stands out among them all. The best time to visit is during mid November. Ride a cable car to experience the view of the fiery red colors of the trees.


Oyasukyo (Akita)

The Oyasukyo is a famous spot with autumn leaves located in Akita and should never be missed out. The best season would be from mid to end October. The strong red color that spreads across the vast nature is extraordinary. Fully relax and be healed by the clean air and clear flowing water of the river.
A popular spot among tourists often called the "big steam bath" or "hell kettle." Steam comes out from the rift of the rock walls at 98 degrees Celsius. There are also hot spring areas in Oyasukyo, so you can go have a healthy sweat at a hot spring bath after you enjoy hiking.

So what do you think of these spectacular mountains?

It is extremely important to prepare before hiking. Ensure to prepare enough fluids and food, rain gear and medicine for a smooth a good hiking workout experience.

You will definitely not forget the time spent relaxing amidst the mountains, colored in a variety of autumn tones. How about going on a Japan mountain hiking trip this autumn?

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