10 great view hotels: I opened a window and there was a great view

10 great view hotels: I opened a window and there was a great view
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When you open a window, there is a great view.
All the landscape that you are viewing from a room and from an open-air bath is just for you....
The ultimate luxury of a travel finding a zekkei (great view) is to stay in the zekkei (great view).
ZEKKEI Japan editorial department has selected the zekkei hotels that you like to stay in at least once.

Matsushima Hotel Sakan Shoan (Miyagi Prefecture)

When you opened a window, there was "Matsushima",
the one of the three most famous scenic places in Japan. Decorated with beautiful paintings and antiques, "Matsushima Hotel Sakan" is a hotel as if you visit to an art museum.
But, the best art is the landscape outside of a window.
When you view the zekkei (great view), you may tweet unconsciously「"Matsushima ya, Ah Matsushima ya, Matsushima ya」(it is commonly known as Basho's haiku). you can enjoy such elegant zekkei (great view) from a room.

Mt. Fuji Onsen Bessho Sasa (Yamanashi Prefecture)

Mt. Fuji Onsen Bessho Sasa" gives you the Mt Fuji zekkei(great view), just for you, from an open-air bath of a guest room.
You will enjoy a walk through a wide garden of the hotel and shinrinyoku (a therapeutic walk in the forest), and will have a powdered green tea in a tea ceremony house where you can hear the sound of the flow of pure water.
Let's release your heart and body in the expansive open space as if you are integrated in a part of the nature.

Onsen Inn with ease of mind of Suwa Sui-Suwako (Nagano Prefecture)

It is rumored that the Lake Suwa was a motif of a place of the movie Your Name.
"Onsen Inn with ease of mind of Suwa Sui-Suwako" is just a newly established inn in July, 2016, and it is on the special place surrounded by Suwa Taisha temple and mysterious Lake Suwa. Let's spend the relaxed time with your important person in the mixed open air bath, from which you can overlook the Lake Suwa.

Shiratama no Yu Kahou Bettei Koshi no Sato (Niigata Prefecture)

When you open a window, there expand mountains and countryside scapes as far as your eyes can see, and it is some nostalgic landscape.
It may be also good to soak in talking about memories from your childhood, while you view the Japan's original landscape and soak in the open-air bath.
All the guest rooms is a suite, and a concierge dedicated to a guest will surely support your trip.
"Shiratama no Yu Kahou Bettei Koshi no Sato" is such an inn.

Hotel New Awaji Villa Rakuen (Hyogo Prefecture)

In Rakuen, when you open a window, you can overlook Kitan Channel and Osaka Bay
In "Hotel New Awaji Villa Rakuen", All the guest room is a Japanese style suite room with an onsen open-air bath.
A wide room with an observation terrace, and the ever expanding sea and sky・・・
Let's spend a time slowly with an important person in an expandable space.

Zaborin (Hokkaido)

It is the great nature of Niseko, expanding outside of a window.
Why don't you spend a day, as if you become a part of painting, forgetting a reality in front of you?
"Zaborin" is an inn of just 15 rooms like a hidden place.

The inn of a harbor Migiwaya (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Outside of a window is a harbor!Black-headed seagulls are flying like dancing, and you will smell salty scent from the sea....
There are many of ocean-views hotels, but the inn with a harbor-view is something special.
Let's get a new morning at "the inn of a harbor Migiwaya" as if the sea is the inn's garden.

Amakusa Tenku no Fune (Kumamoto Prefecture))

The view from an open-air bath of a room is a zekkei (great view) of the Matsushima archipelago.
"Amakusa Tenku no Fune" was built in 2013 on the place where you can overlook the five bridges of Amakusa in the Unzen Amakusa National Park. It is the luxury resort, created with an image of a luxury cruise ship, floating on the sky of Amakusa.
In the unusual space escaped from hustle and bustle of the city, and nobody disturbs you, please spend your relaxed time.

Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel (Osaka Prefecture)

A zekkei (great view) hotel is not always a hotel with ocean views.
Here is the hotel which is in Abeno Harukasu, the proudly highest skyscraper in Japan.
From a guest room of "Osaka Marriott Miyako Hotel", you can overlook the zekkei of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Awajishima Island, etc, and you can feel in the room as if you are living in the sky. With feeling like heavenly people, if it were you, what and with whom do you do spending your time?

Hotel Nagoya Castle (Aichi Prefecture)

"Hotel Nagoya Castle", where you can view the Nagoya jo castle from a room and while dining, is irresistible for the one who loves castles! You can also drink a cocktail with an image of Nagoyajo castle at a bar on 11th floor.
Surrounded by zekkeis of the castle, fully enjoying Nagoya gourmet, and let's get an energy for tomorrow.

Was there any zekkei hotel that you like?

Please check also here as many other zekkei hotels are introduced!

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