Scenery that Draws You In! ZEKKEI’s Best 5 Autumn Flowers

Scenery that Draws You In! ZEKKEI’s Best 5 Autumn Flowers
Blooming with the calendar, flowers are the poetry of the seasons and add color to the beauty of the Japanese countryside.

Even as they lift up the heart with their delicate petals, they also bring a nostalgic feeling when they reflect the setting sun’s rays. Flowers have a subtle charm that tugs at our hearts throughout the year.

This time around, we’re introducing a ZEKKEI ranking for autumn flowers.


The Cosmos of Shirakawa-go (Gifu)

Shirakawa-go leaves an impression, with its “gassho-zukuri” Japanese-style A-frame houses and its gentle rural scenery. The rice ripens to a rich golden hue in fall and adds a further flavor to the countryside scenery. However, there is one more aspect of Shirakawa-go’s autumn beauty we must not forget: the cosmos flowers.

This village is famous for heavy snowfall in winter, and the gentle beauty of the cosmos brings peace to the people here before their houses are buried in deep snow during the winter. Overflowing with beauty, the grandness of Shirakawa-go’s nature is sure to bring you peace and relaxation.


Cosmos of Ikoma Highlands (Miyazaki)

The Ikoma Highlands are colored by the blooming of flowers throughout the seasons: poppies in spring, scarlet sage in summer, and cosmos in fall. From September through October, pink and yellow cosmos bloom all over the highlands, announcing the coming of autumn.
The evening sky during autumn perfectly matches the seasonal beauty of the cosmos petals. There’s something romantic about the contrast between the sunset and the colorful flowers spreading across the land. At least once in your life, come and see the enchantingly beautiful scenery here.


Cosmos of Hoki-ji (Nara)

The 20,000 square meters or so of fallow fields around Hoki-ji are made brilliant with blooming cosmos. The beauty that the spreading cosmos flowers create together with the three-story pagoda (a national treasure) is Ikaruga Town’s signature sight. Seeing the three-story pagoda through the flowers only adds to the ambiance.

To feel the ancient atmosphere of Nara as you look out on this fabulous scene is truly wonderful indeed. When you visit Japan, we hope you’ll come to see this incredible view.


Akasoba no Sato (Red Buckwheat Village) (Nagano)

From late September to early October, the deep crimson blossoms of red buckwheat cover approximately 4.2 hectares at an elevation of 900 meters. Japanese buckwheat flowers are usually white, but those at Akasoba no Sato bloom with a beautiful color that gives them another name, “takane (high peak) rubies.”
They say that the flavor of the soba (buckwheat noodles) made here is also especially good. After enjoying the view of the plant’s beautiful red flowers, we recommend a taste of the fragrant flavor and balanced texture of its noodles.


Red Spider Lilies of Kinchakuda (Saitama)

Kinchakuda (“cloth-purse field”) is so named because it looks like a cloth purse when seen from Hiwada-san (Mount Hiwada), which overlooks the area. Come fall, some five million red spider lilies bloom in the area, delighting visitors as they cover the fields like a giant red carpet.
One name for the flower, “manju-shage,” refers to a legendary good omen in which red flowers fall from heaven. The Manju-shage Matsuri festival is held from mid- to late-September, and you can savor local Hidaka specialties while admiring the flower’s beauty in full bloom.

Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Announcing the coming autumn, the flowers of fall bring the season to life. Why not visit one of these beautiful places?

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