10 inns of old Japanese folk houses: become a main character of a story

10 inns of old Japanese folk houses: become a main character of a story
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Once upon a time, there was.... As if such a story will start to be told there, it is an elegant old Japanese folk house.
"Renovation of an old folk house" becomes a trend also overseas. Especially because we are living in the world where we keep seeking for the new things, "nostalgic to good and old days" must be common needs in the world. But, although having said old houses in one word, I tell you that there are many kinds, such as a folk house, a castle town, and a Taisho Roman (refers to a trend of thought or cultural events that conveys the atmosphere of the Taisho period)....
Now, let's begin the first page of your story by booking on the inn of an old house.

"Takeda Castle town hotel EN"

This inn is in the castle town of "Takeda Castle Ruins" that is popular as the castle in the Sky.
It was born by renovation of a long-standing winery of about 400 years ago.
The guest rooms are the building of about 100 year-old, built in Meiji era. There are only 4 rooms of different tastes. The atmosphere is so calm and quiet as if the time has been stopped.
In the grounds, a marche and workshop for vegetables that are harvested in the field of local farmers, homemade jam, miso (fermented soybean paste), and soy sauce etc are held sometimes. You can also enjoy interactions with local people at the inn.
Address:363 Kamimachi Nishigawa, Takeda Aza, Wadayama Town, Asago City, Hyogo prefecture

Hatago inn Kayausagi

Hita city, Oita prefecture is a full of elegance. "Hatago inn Kayausagi" is in the town where nature and culture are in harmony.
The room is reformed from the old folk house of 130 year-old, and the room is a full of Taisho Roman atmosphere.
The usual conversation may be sounded differently in this room.
Please expect also the dishes, used abundantly rice and vegetables that cultivated in the land blessed with water resources.
Address:1529-1 Kotohira Town, Hita City, Oita Prefecture

Onsen Oyado inn Ryugon

Please spend a dream-like moment, staying in a samurai residence, a shoya (a village headman) house, and a big farmer house, of about 250 years ago. You can feel as if you are the one of characters of a historical drama.
A garden, changing its impression by seasons, angles, and hours to see, is like a Chinese-style landscape painting.
The specialties are sweet fishes and river fishes, grilled on stand around the hearth. Now, who do you like to visit with?
Address:79 Sakado, Minami Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture

Inn of seasonal dishes and the old folk house Chikurinso

Here is relatively convenient to access, and it is 2 hours from the Metropolitan area. It is an old folk house and is located in deep in the mountains of Minamiboso, Chiba prefecture.
here are the main building and annexes on the ground of 1,500 tsubo (Japanese unit for land area. One tsubo is about 3.3 square meter) wide. The inn is limited to 2 groups one day. Having a dinner at a hearth, you can fully enjoy "countryside life". There is nothing special. A luxury spending times in relaxed mood in a space where nothing is there. It is allowed only for adults to enjoy such in a way.
Address:791 Okusu, Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture

An inn standing quietly in a post town and limiting 2 group a day Unno Juku Furusatokan

Don't you like to stay in a post town?
The inn of limited 2 groups a day only is in Unno-Juku, Nagano Prefecture.
It is very clean because the inn has started in 2014, by reforming the groups of traditional architectures (cultural properties).
It is strongly recommended for the one who likes to leave from hustle and bustle, because there are few people and shop. Let's spend time of slow and comfortable travel as if we just came back to a province.
Address:1013 Moto-Unno, Tomi City, Nagano Prefecture

Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA

"Sasayama Castle Town Hotel NIPPONIA" is a new resort, created the whole of castle town of Sasayama Castle as if "one hotel".
4 buildings, scattered around the Sasayama castle town of retro townscape, including an old folk house of over 100 year-old, have been reformed to the lodging facility and the restaurant. It is the attraction that you can travel as if you live in the town by integrated to the town.
A concept of the inn is "remain as much as historical elegance and taste". Please stay in the beauty like an artwork.
Address:ONAE 25, Nishi Town, Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture

Tsumesyo Mikuni

Mikuni Minato harbor has been an important harbor since Muromachi period.
This "Tsumesyo Mikuni", a pharmacy of over 100 year-old, is in the historical town.
Mr. Alex Kerr, famous for revitalization of old folk houses, has reformed.
A kitchen is equipped in the room, so you can cook the food material buying from fish shop in harbor town. How about staying like living in the history?
Address:3-3-17 Minamihonmachi, Mikuni Town, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture

Azumino Kawasho

"Azumino Kawasho" is in the mountains of Azumino, Nagano Prefecture.
It is a Japanese-style single-story building on the ground of 2,200 tsubo (Japanese unit for land area.
Let's enjoy local dishes, such as slices of a living charr, stone roasted, etc, in a space of wooden scent.
Address:2860-1 Omachi Onsengo, Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture

Yufuin Gettou Ann

In "Yufuin Gettou Ann", a bridge from the main building toward to annexes is also such romantic. In this inn, you can feel something exciting will happen. There are 18 annexes each with open-air baths in the ground of a good 10,000 tsubo (Japanese unit for land area. One tsubo is about 3.3 square meter).
The main building that has been reformed from an old folk house of 300 year-old is a great building with the history alive.
Let's fully enjoy luxuriously, by bathing in the open-air bath just for you, surrounded by trees.
Address:295-2 Kawakami, Yufuin Town, Yufu City, Oita Prefecture

Hana no Kumo Suite Villa

This inn, reformed from old folk houses that have been relocated from Nagano and Gunma, is perfectly matching to couples. Guest rooms are just two in annex.
Both guest rooms have open-air baths with prospective views.
Many of furnishings, such as a Danish original furniture, are valuable.
Drink alcohol slowly. Read a book. Please spend your time as you like.
Address:925-48 Futo, Ito City, Shizuoka Prefecture
Here for other inns where you can fully enjoy zekkeis!

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