8 inns with "Yukimiburo" (bathing while enjoying a snow scene) of great views

8 inns with
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When you say about winter, you will miss "Onsen (hot spring)" in the season.
Luxuriously soaking into a hot spring, while viewing a snow scene, you will enjoy winter in Japan, and it is a feature of Japan.
It is just a blissful moment that you are bathing while viewing zekkei (great view) of the big nature of mountains and valleys covered by snow.
Let's spend a healing moment in such luxurious "Yukimiburo".
ZEKKEI Japan editorial department has carefully selected 8 onsen inns recommended in winter.

1. Chouseikan Gozuryokusuian

The feature of elegant "Chouseikan Gozuryokusuian", quietly standing in satoyama woodlands, is, to say the least, open-air baths in a garden.
Surprisingly, there are open air baths in the Japanese garden.
You can enjoy a snow scene of pure white garden in a day time, and a full of stars in the sky at night.
A scene viewing from an onsen with full of sense of openness is indeed a zekkei (great view). Onsen and gardens are all for yourself. Let's spend your luxurious time by yourself in a relaxed mood, without any hesitation to anybody, at the Japanese style annex "Gozuryokusuian" built by sukiya zukuri (the style of a tea-ceremony house).
Address:4632-8 Murasugi, Agano City, Niigata prefecture

2. Onsen Sanso Radish Flower

You can enjoy bathing as if you are integrated in the nature, viewing komorebi (lights that comes through leaves) coming from between trees covered in snowy white. That is the "Onsen Sanso Radish Flower".
You can spend your relaxed time in your own way in total of 18 Japanese style annexes of cottage-like, where you can feel a warmth of wood.
Address:21-7 Togatta Onsenkitayama Zao town, Katta District, Miyagi prefecture

3. Yorozuya Shoraiso

Where am I? It is an open-air bath in a garden, spreading in the space as if you have been lost in the grounds of a temple.
You can enjoy an extraordinary space in the garden covered by snowy white in winter.
The wooden sukiya-zukuri annex "Shoraiso" that is designated as the national registered tangible cultural property is recommended to who likes to be healed in heart and body, forgetting the daily life.
Address:3137 Hirao, Yamanouchi Town, Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture

4. Tatsumiya Sanso Sato no Yu

Untouched great nature, that you can overlook from an open-air bath, turns to fantastic snowy white scape when in winter.
The onsen of "Tatsumi Sanso Sato no Yu" will heal your daily tiredness and warm you up heart and body , while you soak in, with viewing the beauty of the nature spreading in front of your eyes.
Address:27-2 Akutojiri, Tsuchiyuonsen Town, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture

5. Keisetsu no Yado Syoubun

A landscape of countryside is somewhere nostalgic. You can spend a real relaxed time in this inn, "Keisetsu no Yado Syoubun", where is a full of elegance as if you went back to your parents' house, and that is a feature of the inn.
In Minakami where mountains range, there is a ski resort, which is the nearest from the metropolitan area. Soaking into a hot spring in a relaxed mood with viewing the snow covered mountains after enjoyed a winter-sport. Spending such luxury hours is also one of the best part of winter.
Address:277 Tsunako, Minakami Town, Tone District, Gunma Prefecture

6. Natsuse Onsen Miyakowasure

"Natsuse Onsen Miyakowasure" is a standing alone quietly in the great nature. You will view from windows of the room only white trees covered with snow and an open-air bath just for yourself.
A quiet private space surrounded by nature is the feature of this inn. When you listen carefully, you might hear the sound of snow falls.
As the name of "Miyakowasure" suggests, let's spend your relaxed time, forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city.
Address:84 Natsuse, Tazawako Sotsuta Aza, Semboku City, Akita Prefecture

7. Rurikoh

You can overlook the snowscape, feeling warmth of the nature, surrounded by scent of cypress in an open-air bath made of Japanese cypress.
Let's spend relaxed elegant time at graceful and sophisticated inn "Rurikoh".
Address:19-58-1 Yamashiroonsen, Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture

8. Shin Hodaka Onsen Yarimikan

Visitors to Mt Yarigatake are captivated with "Shin Hodaka Onsen Yarimikan", a stand-alone inn of old Japanese folk house.
Crystal clear blue sky, vast great mountains, and snowy silver world all over around. The hidden hot spring, billowing up steam there, is the open-air bath of the inn's feature.
You can, not to mention, soak in a hot spring in the zekkei (great view) snowscape, experience whole of the countryside life, such as pounding steamed rice, farming, and communicating with people. You can experience those in such a warm inn.
Address:Kamisaka, Okuhida Onsen District, Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture
Here for other inns where you can fully enjoy zekkei (great view)!

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