Perfect weather to go out ! Spots that have amazing views of May flowers.

Perfect weather to go out ! Spots that have amazing views of May flowers.

The Nemofila of the national Hitachi Kaihin Park.

Blue as far as you can see.... ! Such blue that your don't know where the land ends and the sky begins. It's as if you're walking above the clouds.
It's also recommended to take a photo with the field mustards seen in the front.
the national Hitachi Kaihin Park

Ashikaga Flower Park (Tochigi prefecture)

Ashikaga Flower Park
It would only at the start of May but the japanese wisteria will be in full bloom. The "wisteria shelves" that are wooden canopys covered in wisteria shower down their sweet scent from above your heads.
wisteria shelves
They even look like fairies !

The roses of the Kyu Furukawa gardens (Tokyo)

The roses of the Kyu Furukawa gardens
This is the place where you can experience an English atmosphere. You almost forget that you are in Japan !

Field mustard fields in Yokohama-machi (Aomori prefecture).

Field mustard fields
Yellow as far as you can see !!!
Field mustard
A field mustard festival will take place on the weekend of the 16th and 17th.
There will also be a field mustard maze so children can enjoy too!
Field mustard

Azaleas of Katsuragisan (Nara prefecture).

Middle of May is the best time to see them. To see them, go up to the top of the mountain using the rope way.

The narcissuses of Biwako valley. (Shiga prefecture)

Biwako valley
Biwako valley was the Sakura spot in April but in the first half of May the narcissuses are blooming beautifully. There hundred thousands bulbs welcome tourists with their flowers.

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