7 Transparent Beaches with Great View in Japan

7 Transparent Beaches with Great View in Japan
We all have that image of Japanese beaches being crowded, don't we? (Like in Atami). The water also is not very clean. (with an image around Shonan).
But what if we are wrong?
There are actually many beautiful zekkei (great view) beaches in Japan, too.
For this time, let us introduce you to 7 Great Beaches in Japan.

1. Alias "Cebu Island in Izu" Hirizo Hama beach (Shizuoka Prefecture)

It is located in Izu Peninsula, close to Tokyo, but you can reach there only by ship. And because there is no river nearby, the beach is the cleanest in Izu region.
The view is gorgeous, isn't it?
The water transparency is very high, so you can see pebbles on the bottom of the sea.
This place is also popular for snorkeling.
You can clearly see the underwater world.
An excursion boat also operates once in a hour.
Please be careful for the entrance regulation during Obon season (middle of August).

From Tokyo station take a train to Izukyu Shimoda station, if you take a limited express Odoriko, it will take 2 hours and 51 minutes, with fare of Yen 6,640.
Go to a a ferry reception tent beside the Nakagi-Minshuku-Kumiai, by bus 45 minutes, and by taxi 30 minutes.
The ferry leaves every 2 to 5 minutes, so it is comparatively convenient.
Period for access:from 8:30AM through 4:30PM
Hours of ferry operation:From the first week of July until the last Sunday of September
Homepage for details:https://www.minami-izu.jp.e.ahq.hp.transer.com/

2. Tatadohama beach - the surfers' heaven (Shizuoka Prefecture)

3 hours from Tokyo and you are here. The beach is shoal and is safe for children.
The photo tells you how transparent the water is...! It is certified by the Ministry of the Environment that the water quality is ranked as AA, the highest.
The beach is very popular for surfers.
From Tokyo station to Izukyu Shimoda station, use a limited express Odoriko. it takes 2 hours and 51 minutes (Yen 6,640).
7-minute ride by bus from Izukyu Shimoda station
We would also recommend Irita beach, next to the Tatadohama beach that we will introduce next.

3. Shooting location for television commercials and movies - Irita beach (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Irita beach is located very close to Tatadohama beach.
The PV of "Johnny the Surfer" of Mr Keisuke Kuwata was shot here.
With comparatively less tourists, the beach is a hidden place.
The beach is certified by the Ministry of the Environment that the water quality is ranked as AA, the highest!

Tokyo station to Izukyu Shimoda station, by a limited express Odoriko. it takes 2 hours and 51 minutes (Yen 6,640).
Then, take Tokai Bus for 10 minutes, get off at Irita, and walk for 3 minutes.

4. Japanese Lampedusa - Kashiwa Island (Kochi Prefecture)

Kashiwa Island is located at the far west of Kochi Prefecture. It is a small island of 4km of the circumference. About 3 hours by car from the airport.
There are two bridges from the main island, so you can get there by car.
Enjoy the beautiful emerald green sea! This place was also the shooting location for "Tsuri Baka Nisshi 14 (a Japanese movie series)".
Because it is not a sightseeing spot, there are few souvenir shops and restaurants.
For that reason, you can fully enjoy the nature as it is.
Let's take a closer look at this place.
A few years ago, a photo of a ship seemingly floating in midair on the island of Lampedusa made headlines.
▲(This is the Isola di Lampedusa)
Kashiwa Shima also has high water transparency making it look like floating in the air ships.
Here on this photo you can feel that atmosphere.
▲(This is the Kashiwa Island)
Look, how transparent it is.....! Let's enjoy it with sea-bathing.
Kashiwa Island is also famous for snorkeling spots as well as diving spots.
▲Photo:TANAKA Juuyoh
About 4 hour drive by car from Kochi City.
Otherwise, going from JR Kochi station to JR Sukumo station by train (for about 3 hours), and take a bus from JR Sukumo station for 50 minutes.
Honestly, it is not the most convenient way to visit, but you can enjoy the whole day off on the unexplored beach.

5. A beach appearing for only several hours Yurigahama beach (Yoron island, Kagoshima Prefecture)

Have you ever heard of a sandbar? A sandbar is a shoal as deep as your ankles that forms during low tide. Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii is famous for this phenomenon.
This is Hawaii. Tours are offered here to go by boat and enjoy the shallows.

Yuriga Hama in Japan is as good as Hawaii.
Can you see the beach in the distance?
This is a visionary beach, Yurigahama beach!
It is called a "phantom beach" because visitors can only see it for a few hours at low tide from spring to summer.
This is how it looks. Too beautiful, isn't it.....?
You may have seen it at least once since it was all over social networking sites. This clarity is amazing....!

【Access】 Go to Yoron Island by a ship (2 hours) from Okinawa. From Yoron Kou port head to Ookaneku Kaigan beach by car for 20 minutes.
Then, going to Yuriga Hama by a glass-bottom boat.
The accessibility is not that great, and you have to choose the right day, to see the phenomenon,but you will be very proud once you made it.

6. Tomori Beach - an easily accessible heaven alike beach (Amami Oshima, Kagoshima Prefecture)

土盛海岸 奄美大島
The sea that creates gradation from emerald green to blue is called as "Blue Angel". The beach is close to the airport, and has an easy access. The sea is shoal, so you can swim in quite wide areas.
Check out this video!

Two and a half hours from Tokyo by plane. 1.5 hours from Osaka. 1 hour and 20 minutes from Fukuoka.
It is very convenient for quick access by plane.
Tomori Beach can be reached in 5~8 minutes by car from Amami-Oshima Airport. It is a spectacular spot that is fairly easy to get to.

7. Sasago beach - a secret spot loved by locals (Shimane Prefecture)

笹子ビーチ 島根県
The beach is breathtakingly beautiful with crystal clear blue sea.
It is a small beach, like a private beach, calm and quiet.
It is recommended for those who like to spend a time slowly.
It is also rumored to be the cleanest beach in Shimane Prefecture. we would also recommend trying snorkeling here.

It takes 34 minutes by bus from Matsue Station to Manbara Bus Terminal.
Transfer to Mihoseki Community Bus (Shichirui Line), and go to Sasago in 16 minutes.
It is not very accessible, but do your best to get there.
That's it, here are 7 incredibly transparent beaches that worth visitng.
You should definitely include them in your plans for this summer!

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