7 cherry blossom tunnels: good to view and good to walk

7 cherry blossom tunnels: good to view and good to walk
The countdown has started finally for the season of cherry blossom viewing! Overwhelming cherry blossom tunnels, in which pink colored flower petals cover over your head, will be introduced by 3 themes of "Walk, Pass through on a vehicle, and View" for this time.

Walk in a cherry blossom tunnel

1. Tetsugaku no Michi (Philosopher's Walk) (Kyoto prefecture)

It is said that Kitaro Nishida, a philosopher, was walking on the Philosopher's Walk, while being lost in meditation.
About 500 of some "Somei Yoshino cherry" bloom in glory on the path of about 2km, and the path becomes a romantic pink colored tunnel.

Season: Early April to Middle of April

2. Cherry Trees Along the Chikuma River (Nagano prefecture)

It is overwhelming tunnel, which is created by about 600 double cherry blossoms for along about 4km.
Why don't you take a walk along the tree-lined path, on which cherry blossoms and canola flowers are blooming in glory, flowers which are decorating the beginning of spring?

Season Late April to early May

3. Cherry blossoms of Hikichi river Shinsui park (Kanagawa prefecture)

The park along Hikichi river is wide as 16 hectare, and the cherry blossom trees lined path continues toward Shonandai.
In the park, there are also some wooden playground equipment and roller slides, and there are many family visitors over the weekends. And you will see a cheerful landscape there.

Season:Late March to middle of April

Passing through cherry blossom tunnel on a vehicle

4. Matsukawa park (Toyama prefecture)

Selected as one of "Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Viewing Sites", it is the best cherry blossom viewing sites in Toyama prefecture.
During the period of flower blooming, "a flower viewing pleasure boat", which cruises under the cherry blossom tunnel, is in operation, and the unique captains guide for the historical cruise of about 30 minutes.

Season:Early April to middle of Aprilbr>

5. Funaokajoshi Koen (Funaoka Castle Park) (Miyagi prefecture)

A slope-car, running through cherry blossom tunnel towards to the top of mountain, is very popular at Funaokajoshi park.
A view from the statue of Funaoka peace kannon on the top of mountain is also zekkei (great view).

Season:Early April to middle of April

Viewing cherry blossom tunnel

6. Hirosaki park (Aomori prefecture)

Cherry blossoms in full bloom covers all over your head, and fallen flower petals cover up like carpet the surface of water in a moat. It is said as one of the three great cherry blossom areas of Japan, and it is the overwhelming cherry blossom tunnel.

Season:Late April to early May

7. Lake Biwa sosui (Canal)

Lake Biwa canal is famous for cherry blossom sites, leading in Kansai. Lines of about 660 cherry blossoms, mainly of "a wild cherry", continue. Illuminated cherry blossoms at night is fantastic, by the color contrast of green on bank and pink of cherry blossoms'.

Season: Early April to middle of April

That's for now, and these were 7 selections of cherry blossom tunnels of "good to view, good to passing through, and good to walk through".
Please be sure everyone enjoying the cherry blossoms that bloom only during this time of year.

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