7 spots of "full of arts" Naoshima Island: cycling on an island

7 spots of
I am Ichikawa of ZEKKEI Japan editorial department. I am often traveling around in private, seeking for zekkei (great view) that I have never seen, because usually I am introducing to the Japanese zekkeis (great views).

That's me, and I have been captivated by "Naoshima", an island of arts in the Seto Inland Sea. Bicycles are recommended to fully enjoy the various zekkeis (great view) in Naoshima, where native culture of the island and contemporary arts are perfectly matching. It takes only about one and half hours even going round the island, so it is not a problem even for the one who is not confident to physical strength! For this time, I will introduce to such "Cycling round course in Naoshima".
Cycling round course in Naoshima is here
1. Red Pumpkin in Naoshima Port -> T.V.C. Service (Miyanoura shop) -> steep slopes -> 2. Chichu Art Museum -> 3. Lee Ufan Museum -> 4. Pumpkin -> 5. Art House Project -> 6. Observation spot of Naoshima Dam Lake -> 7. I love YU

Firstly, access to Naoshima from Tokyo

Going to Okayama station from Tokyo station by JR Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen for about three hours. Going to Uno station from Okayama station by JR Uno Line for about one hour. From Uno Port taking a ferry for about 20 minutes, you will arrive at Miyanoura Port, a gateway to Naoshima.

1. Right after your arrival to Miyanoura Port, "Red Pumpkin" welcomes you

The pumpkin of a red body with black dots is the work by Yayoi Kusama, an avant-garde artist. The inside is a hollow and you can enter there.

There are many slopes of ups and downs in Naoshima. A power-assist bicycle is recommended!
I rented a power assist bicycle at "T.V.C. Service (Miyanoura shop)", which is located in front of Miyanoura Port ferry terminal.
A fee for rental is about Yen 1,500 a day. Reservation for rental is available only to those who can come to the shop in the morning.

▼Details Here

2. Finally, let's start cycling! Climbing over easily the steep slopes by a power assist bicycle and going to "Chichu Art Museum"

For avoiding any damage on the nature and the landscapes of the Seto Inland Sea, the Art Museum laid buildings underground, which was designed by Tadao Ando, an architect.
Despite in the underground, it is a full of natural light, and you can fully enjoy spaces and works, which change expressions by each season.

Time for viewing:one to one and half hours

3. Running through the forest, and going to "Lee Ufan Art Museum"

The art museum created by collaboration of Lee Ufan, an artist, and Tadao Ando, an architect. The object seen in a distance changes completely its expression by angles and hours to view.

Time for viewing:about 30 minutes

4. Getting fresh wind from the Seto Inland Sea, and found the "Pumpkin"!

While running on the coast line, I found "Pumpkin", the work of Ms. Yayoi Kusama.
I have seen it many times in the picture, but when seeing the actual object, I moved by its powerful impression. In the area of Benesse House Museum, which is integration of a hotel and a museum, there are many arts scattered around, in the beach and in woods. It is very fun to find the art works that are integrated to the nature, while cycling.

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