6 rules in Yatai (food stalls) in Fukuoka: Banned to sit on the far left end?

6 rules in Yatai (food stalls) in Fukuoka: Banned to sit on the far left end?
When you say about the feature of a night in Hakata, Fukuoka, it is "Yatai".
When a night comes, the street will be lined up with red paper lanterns, and will be crowded by locals and tourists.
In a yatai with full of heated air, slurping a barikata (super firm, a way of boiling noodles) tonkotsu ramen (a pork bone broth ramen), you make a toast for once in a lifetime opportunity.
For this time, I will introduce to 6 rules that you want to know before going to such happy "yatai".

[How to go to Yatai] Attack on Nakasu, Tenjin, and Nagahama

In Fukuoka city, about 150 stalls are scattered, but mainly in the three areas of Tenjin, Nakasu and Nagahama.
▲Here is the night view of Nakasu
For yatai hopping in Hakata, the Fukuoka City Subway Kuko line is convenient.
Taking the Fukuoka City Subway Kuko line from Fukuoka Airport, getting off at "Nakasukawabata" station, "Tenjin" station, and or "Akasaka" station, let's walk towards to yatai.
・Access to "Fukuoka Kuko" station of Fukuoka City Subway from Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal 2
⇒ Immediate from the arrival hall
・Access to "Fukuoka Kuko" station of Fukuoka City Subway from Fukuoka Airport International Terminal
⇒ 15 minutes by free shuttle bus service

Now, introducing to rules that you want to know before going to "yatai".

1. You go to a restroom while you still have a chance

There is no restroom in yatai. Before you go to yatai, let's go to a public restroom nearby. If you go to a restroom during dining, and if you are alone, it is possible that a person of the yatai may beware that you may dine-and-dash.

2. Let's check properly a menu before you enter

Although you can say a yatai in one word, there are many kinds of yatais, such as Oden-yatai (a fishcake and vegetable stew), Udon-yatai (thick Japanese noodles), Yakitori-yatai (a Japanese style skewered chicken), Italian-yatai, etc.
And not every yatai has "Tonkotsu ramen".
I, a writer of this article, was excited as "Tonkotsu ramen!" when came to Hakata, but went to an Udon-yatai by mistake....and I had an udon deliciously without saying anything ^ ^
A menu shows from outside, so while finding the desired menu and checking your budget, let's decide which yatai you get in. The inside is narrow, and once they moved over so that let you in, you may feel awkward to leave for disappointed for your purpose, and also you will trouble them.

3. Please be careful for yatai without price indication

Price indication is mandated in yatai. If it does not show prices, thinking of the possibility to be ripped off, I recommend you to check prices before you enter.
▲ A yatai shows its menu from outside

4. With feelings to enjoy hopping rather than staying long

A yatai is narrow and it has a space of just about 10 seats. When crowded, a long stay will trouble them, since even if the other customers came, they have to reject them or the customers have to wait for turn. For this reason, when you go to yatai, basically let's go there with the feeling of dining. Also, menus of yatai are really of varieties, so it is recommended for you to make hopping yatais so that you can enjoy varieties of yatai specials.

5. The left end seat for regular customers?

This is a knowledge that if you know it, you will become a bit of connoisseur.
There seems a rule in some region that a regular customer sits usually at "the left end seat".
If a newcomer sits on the left end seat, a master will get angry, but I think that that will not be happen anyway, though a master may think that "Oh! I knew you would know it!", if you sit on from the right end.

6. Let's enjoy once in a lifetime opportunity

In a little space of about 10 seats, strangers are sitting shoulder by shoulder in yatai. A master or a customer sit next to you may be talking to you. At such time, let's enjoy the once in a lifetime opportunity according to open-minded people in Hakata.

That's it, and these were 6 rules that you want to know before going to "yatai".
Season is getting warmer and is cheerful for drinking outside. When you go to Hakata, please everyone enjoy "yatai".

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