10 Magnificent Sceneries to check in June

10 Magnificent Sceneries to check in June
Many people may not want to go out during this rainy season.
Actually, since there are no holidays in June, it is the time of the year when there are very few people traveling on long trips.

This time we would like to introduce "10 healing magnificent sceneries recommended
for June" that are popular on ZEKKEI Japan, which you can enjoy especially during rainy season.

1. Nomizo Falls (Chiba)

This spot became extremely popular last year from an Instagram post.
It is a hidden spot that you can go to in about 1 hour from Tokyo, and it has been gaining a lot of popularity.
I recommend the time when light shines through the cave early morning!
It is said that this spot is especially popular during the rainy season.
Maybe you can see fireflies in the evening if you are lucky!

2. Lake Kawaguchi Oishi Park (Yamanashi)

It looks just like a purple carpet! The lavenders begin to bloom from mid-June.
Triple shots of Mt. Fuji, lake and lavender fields are spectacular!
At the "Kawaguchiko Herb Festival" held in accordance with the period of lavender blooming, Yamanashi's local gourmet and specialty shops are also enhanced。
Let's have fun together with the superb view of lavender.
2022 Lake Kawaguchi Herb Festival
【Period】18 June, 2022 - 10 July, 2022

3. Shiroyone Senmaida (Ishikawa)

In June when rice planting is finished water covers the fields.
During the evening, a dreamy sight is created by sunset reflecting on the surface of the water.
The more than 1000 rice fields of this scenery were completely made by hand by the local people and volunteers. The magnificent view of the small fields that continue to the shore has also been certified as a world heritage site.

4. Hasedera Temple (Kanagawa)

There must be many people who think of hydrangea flowers when someone mentions June.
A popular location for hydrangea is Kamakura!
The Hasedera Temple is an especially popular place every year where you can view colorful hydrangea of more than 40 different kinds.
It becomes very crowded during this time, so make sure that you have plenty of time to spare.

5. Hattori Farm Hydrangea Mansion (Chiba)

This is a famous place for sightseeing known by the people in Chiba.
The sight of the more than 10,000 hydrangeas of 300 different kinds that spread out on the mountain is certainly breathtaking.
This colorful scenery can only be seen in June!

6. Ozegahara (Gunma)

The snow melts in May, and skunk cabbages begin to bloom from June all over the area.
June is actually called the "best season of Oze", and it is crowded with man mountain climbers.
How about refreshing your body and mind in the vast nature?

7. Taushubetsu Bridge (Hokkaido)

This arched bridge made of concrete is located on Lake Nukabira in Kamishiro-cho, Hokkaido.
In June when the amount of water in Lake Nukabira increases, the bridge begins to sink, and completely disappears to the bottom of the lake around August to October. In January when the water decreases, the bridge reappears, and so the bridge has come to be called the "phantom bridge" because of this.
The water begins to increase from this time, so if the timing is right, you might be able to see the "Eyeglasses Bridge", when the bridge looks like glasses as it reflects on the surface of the water.

8. Kifune - Kamo River Riverside Dining (Kyoto)

Riverside Dining is the summer tradition of Kyoto.
It is a place where can cool off while having a meal on a floor laid over a river.
The riverside dining is a popular spot where you can experience the one of a kind atmosphere of Kyoto.
You can spend the night cooling off while feeling the coming of early summer!
Nighttime business begins from June!
How about searching for your favorite stop in this area of more than 100 shops?

9. Giou-ji Temple (Kyoto)

This is a green world that quietly stands inside Arashiyama.
The most famous is this beautiful moss garden!
It is said that the rainy season is the most beautiful when the moss gets wet and moist from the rain and becomes more lustrous.
Why not go to take a look at this moss garden to enjoy a world of beauty?

10. Sanzenin Temple (Kyoto)

This is a magnificent spot where you can enjoy moss and hydrangeas at the same time!
In side the quiet temple grounds covered in moss, it is also recommended to spend time relaxing to your heart's content.

Also, the other purpose of visiting this temple is this...!
What a cute "Warabe Jizo" stone statue!
There are 6 Jizo statues in the temple grounds taking different poses like cuddling up and lying down.
You will feel healed by this sight that will make you feel happy just by looking at it.

What do you think?
There are many magnificent spots in Japan that you can enjoy only during the rainy season, including the hydrangeas.
How about going out to see these magnificent sceneries limited to June holding an umbrella in one hand?

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