A beautiful night view of the factories in Kawasaki

A beautiful night view of the factories in Kawasaki
By changing the way you view the usual places and sceneries that exist in your daily life, you can transform these into fascinating "magnificent scenery spots".

For example, there are factories. When you think of a factory, I bet most people will think of the large and dark gray-colored buildings with not one bit of glamour, smelling of oil and smoke.

In Kawasaki, Kanagawa, there was an accumulation of factories, and it used to be called the "pollution city". However now, it has gained back an environment where citizens can live without worrying, and the factory areas have changed into unique and beautiful magnificent scenery spots, making many people fall in love with factory buildings.

Overturning its negative image by turning it into a "tourist resource"

The city of Kawasaki developed as an industrial city. In this area, various factories were accumulated. Kawasaki began to change these factories, which helped develop the city for many years, into a "tourist resource", allowing people to enjoy it as "industrial tourism".

Kawasaki has been working on promoting industrial tourism, and they experimentally planned and held a "Factory Night View Tour" in 2008.
Approximately 800 people applied while there were only 45 spots available. So in 2010 they cooperated with a private enterprise and officially began the "Factory Night View Bus Tour". Again, in February 2011, the "1st National Factory Night View Summit" was held for the first time in Kawasaki. At this summit, a joint proclamation was made to say the factory areas of Muroran in Hokkaido, Yokkaichi in Mie, Kitakyushu in Fukuoka, which use factory night views as tourist resources to be "Japan's 4 Greatest Factory Night Views".

The number of cities that join the "National Factory Night View Summit" has been increasing, and in 2016 when the "7th National Factory Night View Summit Summit in Fuji" was held in Fuji, Shizuoka, Chiba became an official member and it became one of "Japan's 8 Greatest Factory Views".
Kawasaki's idea to reverse the negative image of factory areas by turning them into "beautiful magnificent scenery spots" for people to enjoy has become a great success. Currently the tourist spot has been popular among not only the fans of factory night views, but also among young and middle-aged couples.

The most popular place among the fans of factory night views is the "Chidori-cho Yako Area"

The areas where you can enjoy the factory night views are separated into 6 areas with different views. The most popular among the fans of factory night views is the "Chidori-cho Area".
Factory Night View Area
① Ukishima-cho / Kojima-cho Area (Kawasaki / Ukishima-cho / Kojima-cho)
② Chidori-cho / Night View Area (Kawasaki, Chidori-cho / Yako 1-chome, 2-chome)
③ Mizue-cho / Ikegami-cho / Lighting 3-chome Area (Kawasaki, Mizue-cho / Ikegami-cho / Yako 3-chome)
④ Ogimachi / Asano-cho / Minamiwatarida-cho (Kawasaki, Ogimachi / Asano-cho, Minamiwatarida-cho)
⑤ Okawa-cho / Shiraishi-cho / Shinden Area (Kawasaki, Okawa-cho / Shiraishi-cho / Tanabeshinden)
⑥ Higashiogishima / Ogishima Area (Kawasaki, Higashiogishima / Ogishima)
Reference : Kawasaki City Tourist Association Official Website (http://www.travelkawasaki.com/cht/)
Chidori-cho Area
The area where you can enjoy the night view is made of 16 canals and 7 manmade islands. It is also close to Haneda airport, and because there is a restriction on the height of the surrounding buildings, you can get a wide and far view. Depending on the weather and time, you may be able to see the evening landscape of both the factory night view and Mt. Fuji.

Participate in a tour if you want to enjoy the factory night view

At the factory night view spots, there are off-limit areas for safety purposes, and because it is private property of a company. So you must be aware of this if you visit individually.
It is highly recommended to participate in either the bus tour, cruise tour, or taxi tour held by different travel agencies. Especially on the cruise tour, you can enjoy the factory night views from off-limit areas such as the backside of the factory area.

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