13 Recommended Scenic Spots to Visit in July During Summer Trip!

13 Recommended Scenic Spots to Visit in July During Summer Trip!
The rainy season is over and we finally can enjoy the refreshing blue skies.
This is the season to celebrate the ocean, mountains, fireworks, festivals, and truly spectacular sceneries.
Here are 13 spectacular views we recommend visiting in July.

1. Art Biotop Water Garden|Tochigi

|A beautiful artificial water garden will take you into the world of fairy tales

Experience "The Art" while enjoying the beautiful nature of the Nasu Plateau.
The Water Garden, created by architect Junya Ishigami and opened in 2018, has pottery, glass, and indigo studios. This beautiful world has been introduced in numerous media both domestically and internationally.
With more than 300 transplanted trees and 160 ponds of various sizes, this carefully calculated man-made garden is incredibly picturesque.
During the Water Garden Tour, a guide will show you around the park for about 15 minutes. After the tour, visitors are free to explore the garden on their own.
The tour takes about 40 minutes.
Take your time to appreciate this magical combination of Art and Nature.
【Address】2294-3 Takakuotsu Dojo, Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture
【Fee】Water garden tour (with postcard and booklet): 2,970 yen (tax included)
【Tour Hours】Advance reservation required 11: 00/14: 00 (closed on Wednesdays)
【Access】Use the free shuttle bus from JR Nasushiobara Station (reservation required)
【WEB site】https://www.artbiotop.jp/en/

2. Yasukuni Shrine Mitama Festival|Tokyo


|Summer festival decorated with over 30,000 dazzling lights

The "Mitama Matsuri" began in 1947 as a summer festival in memory of war victims.
The shrine is visited by many worshippers every year to enjoy entertainment such as Mikoshi-Furi (portable shrine) and Aomori Nebuta.

You can also buy a large lantern for 12,000 yen, and a small one for 3,000 yen.
【Date】Wed, July 13, 2022 - Sat, July 16, 2022
【Time】18:00 - 20:00 (Main Shrine 6:00 - 21:30)
【Address】3-1-1 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
【Access】5-min walk from Kudanshita Station
【WEB site】https://www.yasukuni.or.jp/english/

3. Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography|Tottori

|Rediscover the beauty of the San'in region at the famous "Upside Down Daisen" Museum

This museum displays approximately 12,000 works by Shoji Ueda, one of the most remarkable Japanese photographers in the world.
Ueda, who took many photographs with the sky and sand dunes of the San'in region, has created a unique collection of works. One of the most popular attractions at the museum is the "Upside Down Daisen," designed by architect Shin Takamatsu.
In front of a glass window with a hat painted on it, visitors can take pictures with Mt. Daisen in the background, using a walking stick and umbrella, props that are essential to Ueda's photography. What kind of photo ideas would you have with the beautiful Mt. Daisen?
【Address】353-3 Sumura, Hoki-cho, Saihaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture
【Hours of operation】10:00 - 17:00(Admission is 30 minutes before closing)
【Fee】Adults 1,000 yen, high school university students 500 yen, elementary and junior high school students 300 yen
【Closed Days】Every Tuesday (The next day if it is a public holiday)
※Closed from December 24 to the end of February and during the exhibition change period
【Access】25 minutes by taxi or bus from "Yonago Station" on the JR San-In Line
【WEB site】https://www.houki-town.jp/ueda/english/

4. Kamakura Fireworks Festival|Kanagawa


|Powerful water fireworks bloom in the sea of Kamakura with ocean air

The Kamakura Fireworks Festival is held on the surface of the water. The fireworks, thrown into the sea from high-speed boats, color the darkness to take your breath away with their beauty.
Relax on the sandy beach and feel the power of thumping fireworks vibration to the fullest.
Here you can enjoy the best works of well-known pyrotechnicians.
Take your place on Yuigahama Beach or Zaimokuza Beach to spend incredible few hours.
【Date & Time】Canceled in 2022 :(
【Official Site】https://www.city.kamakura.kanagawa.jp/visitkamakura/en/

5. Kouri Ocean Tower|Okinawa


|Emerald green sea and starry sky! Enjoy the spectacular view in Okinawa during the best season!

The rainy season in Okinawa is over from the end of June, and sunny days begin to increase in Okinawa - this is the best season here.
The Kouri Ocean Tower is a must-see for couples. The view from the white chalk tower, 82 meters above sea level, looks like a postcard.
Inside the tower, visitors can spend a relaxing time at the Shell Museum, which displays more than 10,000 shells from around the world, a café and restaurant with a spectacular view, and a store offering island-specific sweets.
You can also enjoy star-themed attractions such as a graffiti planetarium, starry sky classroom, and Big Heart Illumination, as well as a starry sky tower during the summer season.
【Address】538 Kouri, Nakijin-mura, Kunigami-gun, Okinawabr> 【Fee】Adults: 1,000 yen, elementary school students: 500 yen (6 to 15 years old), under elementary school students: free
【Opening Hours】10:00 - 17:00(short-time business) Final entry 16:30
【Holidays】Open all year round(May be temporarily closed in case of typhoons or infectious disease conditions.)
【Access】About 2 hours from Naha through Naha Airport Expressway and
Okinawa Expressway (Tomigusuku / Nakachi IC-Kyoda IC)
【WEB site】https://www.kouri-oceantower.com/en/

6. Mother Farm|Chiba


┃A vast pink carpet that decorates Mother Farm in the summer

The most flowering season is spring and early summer, but from mid-May to mid-September at Mother Farm's Mt. Kano, about 25,000 flowers cover the mountain with a pink carpet.
The quirkily named Peachy Breath is a new breed of petunia, created in 2014.
There is a walking path on Mt. Kano, which is about 300 meters above sea level, where you can enjoy a leisurely stroll among the peach-colored blossoms.
At the "Fureai Ranch," visitors can interact with cows, horses, alpacas, capybaras, and many other animals, and experience various activities such as horseback riding, milking, and making ice cream or cheese.

7. Mizu Island|Fukui


┃The Hawaii of Hokuriku! A summer-only paradise surrounded by cobalt blue waters

Mizushima is an uninhabited island at the tip of the Tsuruga Peninsula in Fukui Prefecture. Its beautiful white sandy beach stretches in a bow, and is praised as the "Pearl of Tsuruga Bay.
The crystal clear ocean is perfect for snorkeling, and the shallow waters make it safe and for playing with children.
The ferry to Mizu Island only runs during the summer! Why not make short summer memories in this limited-time paradise?
【Address】Irohama, Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture
【Ferry service period】July 9th (Sat) - August 21st (Sun), 2022
【Access】30 minutes by community bus from JR Tsuruga Station
(Get off at "Irogahama", 3 minutes walk to Irogahama dock), 10 minutes by ferry from Irogahama boarding area

8. "Monet's Garden" Marmottan|Kochi


┃Water lilies shining in the morning sun of Kochi

Claude Monet, a French Impressionist painter who has many fans in Japan and is often exhibited in major museums. His most famous work is "Waterlilies".
Monet moved to the village of Giverny, which is rich in nature, and created a water garden across from his home. It is said that he painted over 200 water lilies in his lifetime.
The "Monet's Garden" Marmottan in Kitagawa Village in eastern Kochi Prefecture is a reproduction of Monet's garden. It is the only garden in the world to be officially named "Monet's Garden".
The water lilies are at their peak from mid-June to mid-July, and we recommended visiting in the morning when the flowers begin to bloom again. On summer mornings, the water lilies floating on the water are a spectacular sight, just like Monet's paintings.

9. Tanabata bamboo decorations light up at Kifune Shrine|Kyoto

Tanabata bamboo decorations light up at Kifune Shrine

┃Make a wish on a glowing strip of paper on a summer night in Kyoto

The red lanterns lining the approach to Kifune Shrine in Kyoto attract lots of visitors.
The most photogenic event at Kifune Shrine in summer is the lighting up of Tanabata bamboo grass decorations.
At dusk, the illuminated green foliage and Tanabata bamboo branch decorations float in the darkness, taking you to an ethereal world.
  • Tanabata bamboo decorations light up at Kifune Shrine
  • Tanabata bamboo decorations light up at Kifune Shrine
Each strip of paper tied to a bamboo branch costs 100 yen. The shrine is also famous as a god of marriage, so you may be able to expect good luck if you hang a strip of paper on the bamboo. Bus service is usually extended during the illumination period.
Why not visit here with your loved ones or a group of friends?
【Date & Time】From Friday, July 1, 2022 to Monday, August 15, 2022 from dusk to 20:00

10. Tenno Hachiman Shrine|Okayama


┃A dazzling dance of light!

This is a habitat for fireflies, which is attracting worldwide attention. The area around Tenno-Hachiman Shrine is known as the habitat of the "gold firefly", named for its golden glow.
These "golden fireflies" shine for only a few days in July. The mysterious spectacle of thousands of lights dancing wildly is a must-see.

11. Light-up promenade|Nara


┃Color the evening of the ancient city! Beautiful illumination of world heritage sites

A summer evening event in which World Heritage sites and historical buildings scattered throughout Nara are beautifully illuminated.
We recommend taking a leisurely stroll through the fantastic world of Nara.
【Date & Time】 July 16th (Sat) - September 25th (Sun), 2022
【Official Site】https://yamatoji.nara-kankou.or.jp/04public/03hall/01north_area/uo5bzo2lzl/event/v6d965x8on//

12. Farm Tomita|Hokkaido


┃A carpet of color! Vast lavender fields are synonymous with Hokkaido in summer.

July is the season for Farm Tomita in Furano, famous for its lavender.
The vast lavender field, one of the largest in Japan, looks like a purple carpet. The lavender aroma that pours down like a shower and lavender soft serve ice cream are popular here. This is a classic summer spot in Hokkaido.

13. Niyodo River|Kochi


┃Breathtaking Niyodo Blue! Summer is not just about the scenery, but also about the activities!

The Niyodo River is a popular spot for river fun. The Niyodo River, praised as "Niyodo blue," is so clear and blue that it is called "the most beautiful river in Japan".
In summer, the area is crowded with many people playing in the river, swimming, bathing, fishing, canoeing, camping, etc. If you want to enjoy summer a little earlier, we recommend you this place.
In addition to nature experiences, there are also a variety of food-related leisure activities such as baumkuchen (baked goods) and pear picking, making this a perfect spot for families.
We have selected 13 most spectacular views recommended for visiting in July.
Summer is coming!
Why not enjoy your vacation a little earlier?

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