6 ways to fully enjoy the floating boat houses of "Ine"

6 ways to fully enjoy the floating boat houses of
A simple but fairytale-like atmosphere remains in this town with many boathouses lined up in the clear blue-green sea. Many people are surprised when they hear that this place shown in the photo is located in Kyoto.
The town of Ine is a fishing village located at the eastern tip of the Tanago Island in northern Kyoto. I visited Ine for the first time this summer, and I was captivated by it. This time I would like to introduce some points on how to fully enjoy the fascinating town of Ine, and how to get there from Kyoto.

1. Go around the village on a bicycle

I highly recommend riding a bicycle around the town of Ine where there are many gentle slopes. You can rent a bicycle for free from one of the 5 cycle ports in the town.
The recommended biking course is to go from the ferry terminal and bike along the bay where you can view the boathouses. Then, go past the Michi-no-eki "Funaya no Sato", and finally head to the famous red light house. It is refreshing to ride a bicycle through the village where seagulls fly through the sky above you. Your body feels freed by the blue-green sea and the smell of the tides.

2. Take some time to explore the boathouses

When it comes to the highlights of Ine, it has to be the traditional buildings of the boathouses.
The boathouses have 2 floors. The 1st floor is a storage space for tools, a workshop, and a dock. The 2nd floor is where the fishermen live.
The history of Ine is said to have begun during the Edo period. In Ine, there are many boathouses that were build during the Edo, Meiji, and Showa periods, and you can tell them apart from the unique shapes each of them have.
It is fun to view and take photos of Ine's boathouses, but it will become even more fun if you learn about its history.

3. No matter what, you must eat fish

Because Ine does not have any fish markets, the people have to purchase fish directly from the fishermen. For this reason, you can eat fresh fish throughout all four seasons of the year for sure.
The more fresh the fish are, the sweeter and richer the taste of the fish.
The fish that I ate was so delicious that I could not compare it with the fish that I regularly eat. There are many restaurants where you can eat delicious fish while viewing the magnificent scenery of the Ine bay. The prices are reasonable as well so do try many different kinds of fish.
Ine is also one of Japan's 3 greatest places for yellowtail fishing. If you visit during the winter, try the yellowtail shabu-shabu of the "Ine yellowtail".

4. Stay overnight at a boathouse

This boathouse that stands over the Ine bay is actually open as an accommodation facility.
If you open the window, you will see a view of the quiet sea and the boathouses lined up on the other side.
This is the room on the 2nd floor. Most of these boathouses are rented out as a whole for one day only. How about fully enjoying life over the sea while relaxing and by listening to the sounds of the rippling waves?

Information on Ine accommodations

5. Drink the sake of Ine

This is the one and only sake brewery in Ine "Mukai Brewery" that stands lined up with the boathouses.
It is a long-established brewery that was founded 260 years ago, and it is famous for being one of the few breweries in Japan with a female owner.
The sake that represents the brewery is the "Ine Mankai" made from red rice produced in Ine. This sake is exported to 7 countries overseas, and has a high reputation. At the brewery you can try samples of various Japanese sake, so why don't you search for one that you like and buy it as a souvenir?

6. Go fishing empty-handed

The Ine bay is filled with many fish. At such a bay, you can go fishing with the local fishermen who have engaged in fishing for many years. They will provide you with a cooler bag to take home, so if you get a big-catch, you can take it with you.
You can spend some luxurious time dripping a fishing line in to the clear water, while viewing the refined boathouses.

Information on fishing in Ine

In conclusion, these are the 6 ways to fully enjoy "Ine".
Next, I would like to explain how to get there.

It takes about 3 hours on a train and a bus from Kyoto Station.
Starting at JR Kyoto Station, take the non-stop express for about 2 hours to Kyoto Tango Railway "Amanohashidate Station" or "Miyazu Station". From there, ride the bus (Tango Kairiku Kotsu) for about an hour. Take the bus that goes to either "Kyoga-misaki", "Kamanyu", or "Ine Yubinkyoku-mae".
Although it is in the same prefecture of Kyoto, it takes quite a long time to get from Kyoto city to Ine.
For this reason, when you get to Ine, I recommend spending some time relaxing by staying in one of the boathouses or by fishing.

To conclude, these were the 6 ways to fully enjoy "Ine". How about spending some time different from the usual daily life in "Ine" where you can fully enjoy life near the sea?

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