10 autumn leaves spots in Kyoto to visit this autumn

10 autumn leaves spots in Kyoto to visit this autumn
The autumn season of Kyoto is a treasure of magnificent scenery where historic temples and shrines, and beautiful gardens become filled with red and yellow autumn leaves.
that I highly recommend.Fully enjoy Kyoto to your heart's content from the classics to the hidden places.
※Please understand that the map above is only shows approximate positions of the locations

1. The pond of the "Kodaiji Temple" that reflects the autumn leaves on its mirror-like water

Kita-no-Mandokoro Nene, the wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, built the Kodaiji Temple in memory of her lost husband. The beautiful Japanese garden of the temple becomes filled with autumn colors, and it is a popular autumn leaves spot for many tourists.
The appearance of the red and yellow leaves reflected on the surface of the Garyu Pond is very mystical. This temple is filled with many memories of Kita-no-Mandokoro Nene who loved Hideyoshi very much. How about spending some time admiring the autumn scenery with an important person of yours?

【Address】526 Shimokawaramachi, Kodaiji, Higashiyama, Kyoto
【Price】Adults (high school and older): 600 yen, (middle school): 250 yen

2. The "Bishamondo" filled with beautiful bright red Japanese maple trees

The Bishamondo became famous from a commercial by the Central Japan Railway Company. When it gets closer to December, a carpet of maple leaves covers the hill that leads up to the temple. Take a leisurely walk over the bright red carpet and fully enjoy the autumn of Kyoto.

3. Get drunken by the beauty of the autumn leaves and the modern garden of "Nanzenji - Tenjuan"

The Tenjuan was built to enshrine the Daimin Kokushi, the founder of Nanzenji Temple. This building that stands quietly in the back of the Nanzenji Temple is a autumn leaves spot. The most popular area in the Tenjuan is the dry landscape garden called the "Hojo Eastern Garden".
It is an impressive modern garden with diamond-shaped stones surrounded by moss and lined up on white sand. You will feel in peace while viewing the fusion of the beautiful garden and its modern style.

4. The famous autumn leaves spot that has been popular since the Heian period as the "Eikando of Maple Leaves"

The Eikando Temple has been a popular autumn leaves spot in Kyoto for many years, as it was mentioned in the Collection of Poems of Ancient and Modern Times. The scenery of the bridge and the pond on the other side of the Benzaiten Torii Gate surrounded by autumn leaves is certainly photogenic.
You must not miss the illumination of the autumn leaves at the Hojo Pond. The appearance of the autumn leaves lightened up and reflected on the surface of the water is very fantasy-like. It looks as if you have wandered into a world of light.

5. The dry landscape garden of "Manshu-in" that gets filled with beautiful autumn colors

The Manshu-in is a Buddhist temple located in Ichijyouji, Sakyo, Kyoto. In autumn, the majestic white walls of the Chokushimon gate become wrapped up in bright red autumn leaves.
The dry landscape garden in front of the Daishoin building was designated as a scenic spot of Japan. The contrast created by the white sand, green moss, and the red and yellow autumn leaves is beautiful. It would be nice to quietly confront the garden as well.

【Address】42, Takenouchicho, Ichijoji, Sakyo, Kyoto
【Price】General: 600 yen, High School and older: 500 yen, Elementary and Middle
【Closed】 No scheduled holidays

6. The breathtaking maple leaves reflecting on the floors of "Rurikoin"

The Rurikoin is a temple with a long and distinguished history in Yase, Kyoto, and is a famous place for autumn leaves during the fall. On the 2nd floor of the building, you can view a fantasy-like scenery of the colorful autumn leaves in the gardens reflecting on the floor.
The illumination at night is also a must-see. Try viewing the colorful autumn leaves peeking into the building from different positions

【Address】55 Kamikitano Higashiyama, Sakyo, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
【Price】2000 yen
【Hours】October 1st to December 10th 10:00~16:30
【Closed】No scheduled holidays

7. The fallen maple leaves scattered on the rivers of "Kitano Tenmangu"

The Kitano Tenmangu enshrines Sugawara no Michizane, who is known as the God of scholarship and education. It is a famous place for ume flowers in the spring, but in the fall it quickly changes into a maple tree garden with about 300 of these autumn trees.
The scenery of the Kamiya River covered in fallen maple leaves and the bright red Uguisu Bridge built over it will give you a taste of the fall season.

【Address】Bakurocho, Kamigyo, Kyoto
【Price】 2000 yen
【Hours】April to September 5:00~18:00, October to March 5:30~17:30

8. The beautiful colors of the moss garden and the fallen maple leaves of "Gioji Temple"

The reserved Gioji Temple is surrounded by a bamboo forest and maple trees. This temple is famous for the scenery of the beautiful moss garden during the summer, but the autumn leaves of the fall is also a sight worth seeing.
The landscape of the maple leaves that fall onto the grounds of the temple in late autumn looks almost like a painting. Although it is small, the unique atmosphere draws in the hearts of the people who come to visit.

9. The Sogen Pond Garden of "Tenryuji Temple" that uses Arashiyama as borrowed scenery

Tenryuji Temple
The Tenryuji Temple was built on Saga-Arashiyama surrounded by beautiful nature. In autumn, the beautiful Japanese Garden of Sogen Pond combine with the colorful vast nature to create a remarkably beautiful scenery.
Take a seat at the Ohojo building and spend some leisurely time enjoying the atmosphere of autumn.

【Address】68 Tenryuji Susukinobabacho, Ukyo, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
【Price】Adults (High school and older): 500 yen, Elementary and Middle school: 300 yen
【Hours】8:30~17:30 (regular time), April to September 5:00~18:00, October 21st to March 20th 8:30~17:00 (The north gate closes at 16:30)

10. The vast site of "Daigoji Temple" dressed in fautumn colors

The Daigoji Temple is on a vast area of 2 million square meters from the foot to the peak of Mt. Daigo. In autumn, the site becomes colored in the colors of autumn by the broad leaved deciduous trees including maple, maidenhair, oak, and clethra trees.
The most fascinating place in Daigoji Temple is at the Bentendo of Rinsen. The reflection of the colorful autumn leaves and the bright red of the Bentendo is certainly a magnificent view.

【Address】22 Daigohigashiojicho, Fushimi, Kyoto
【Price】Adults (Highschool and older): 800 yen, Elementary and Middle school: 600 yen
【Hours】 9:00~16:00 (Summer), 9:00~15:00 (Winter)
In conclusion, these are 10 autumn leaves spots in Kyoto. The autumn season of Kyoto is beautiful. For this reason alone, it becomes crowded with many tourists. If you want to quietly explore, I recommend going early in the morning. Be sure to take a trip to see the magnificent scenery of Kyoto that you can only see this autumn.

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