It's tourist season! 7 beautiful places to visit in October

It's tourist season! 7 beautiful places to visit in October
October is when there is ideal weather that is perfect for tourism. The leaves begin changing colors in Hokkaido, Tohoku, Northern Kanto, and Hokuriku, and it is the season when you can see the carpet of red Kochia flowers spread over the Hitachi Seaside Park.

This time, I would like to introduce 7 of such magnificent scenery spots that you want to go to during tourism season in October.

1. Daisetsu Kogen Onsen Swamp Tour (Hokkaido) | A walk for viewing autumn leaves also recommended for trekking beginners

The Daisetsuzan National Park in Hokkaido is the first place in Japan where the leaves start to change their colors.

The course in the park that is relatively easy to walk even for trekking beginners is the Daisetsu Kogen Onsen Swamp Tour course. The whole course will take you 3 to 4 hours on a 7km mountain trail where will find 30 swamps of different sizes along the trail. You can enjoy sceneries of autumn leaves reflecting in the waters of many different unique swamps including one with skunk cabbages, one with hot spring water.

2. Lake Toyoni (Hokkaido) | It became famous through a commercial for a Japanese biscuit named "Shiroi Koibito". A heart-shaped lake created by the miracles of nature.

A natural heart-shaped lake surrounded by a thick forest.

When autumn comes, you can enjoy a remarkably romantic scenery created by the contrast between the colorful autumn leaves and the blue Lake Toyoni. Of course the heart-shaped lake needs to be viewed from above. For a limited time, there is a helicopter ride where you can view the great nature of the mountains and miraculous lake from up above in the sky.

【Address】206 Erimo, Horoizumi, Hokkaido
【Helicopter Tour】September 30th (Sat) 2017 to October 22nd (Mon), 2017
【Information on Lake Toyoni Helicopter Tour:】

3. Matsukawa Valley (Iwate) | A magnificent scenery of a clear stream and autumn leaves

The Matsukawa Valley continues from the Hachimantai Onsen Town to the Matsukawa Onsen, and a famous place for autumn leaves.

From early October, the different broadleaved trees change colors at once and the whole valley becomes wrapped up in breathtaking colors. The best spot for taking pictures is at the Matsukawa Ohashi Bridge of Hachimantai Onsen Town. You cannot miss the magnificent scenery of the clear water falling down the check dam and the colorful autumn leaves.

4. Kappa Bridge (Nagano) | Feel relaxed by the view of the Hotaka Mountain Range and the clear water stream from a suspension bridge.

The Kappa Bridge is a bridge suspended over the Azusa River in Kamikochi, surrounded by vast nature and beautiful mountains.

This wooden bridge and the clear water of Azusa River are considered symbols of Kamikochi that will make you feel relaxed. From October, the surrounding trees begin to change color, and the Hotaka Mountain Range that you can see from the bridge becomes filled with beautiful scenery of autumn.

5. Hitachi Seaside Park (Ibaraki) | The kochia that paint the Miharashi Hill bright red

Around mid-October, many people become captivated by the carpet of bright red kochia that spread throughout the Miharashi Hill in Hitachi Seaside Park.

The kochia are grasses that change colors in autumn, and they are actually fresh green during the summer. The 32 thousand charming kochia and the 20 million cosmos flowers can only be enjoyed during this season!

6. Lake Chuzenji (Ibaraki) | Admire the autumn leaves that paint the scenery and lakeside of the mountains.

Lake Chuzenji is the highest natural lake in Japan located at an altitude of 1269 meters. It is a popular scenic spot where you can enjoy a view of the breathtaking Nikko Mountains and Mt. Natai, and autumn leaves that fill the lakeside.

There is a sightseeing cruise called the "Lake Chuzenji Cruising", where you can relax on a boat while viewing the red and yellow autumn leaves of Japanese trees reflecting on the lake's waters. Nearby there are many other popular autumn leave spots including the Kegon Falls and the Iroha-zaka road, so be sure to fully enjoy the magnificent scenery of autumn.

7. Tateyama Ropeway (Toyama) | Enjoy a panoramic view of autumn leaves from a moving observatory

The Tateyama Ropeway is Japan's longest "one-span ropeway" with no supporting props in between stations.

There are no props because the avalanches that often occur in this area would carry them away. But thanks to that, you can fully enjoy the large panoramic view of autumn leaves without any obstructions.

In conclusion, these are the 7 magnificent scenery spots you must go to in October. Why not go to one of these places for this tourist season before its too late?

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