7 beautiful spots in Ibaraki other than the Hitachi Seaside Park

7 beautiful spots in Ibaraki other than the Hitachi Seaside Park
Ibaraki is well known as an "unattractive prefecture", because it was ranked last place for 4 years in a row in a popularity survey of the prefectures in Japan. The most popular magnificent scenery spot in Ibaraki is the Hitachi Seaside Park, famous for the nemophila flowers of the spring and the kokia flowers of autumn, but did you know that there are many more magnificent scenery spots than this?

This time, I would like to introduce such fascinating magnificent scenery spots of Ibaraki.

Hananuki Valley

The Hananuki Valley is a popular autumn leaves spot in Ibaraki. The scenery of the colorful tunnel of autumn leaves viewed from the bridge suspended over the valley is definitely a magnificent one.

【Address】Ono, Takahagi, Ibaraki

Kashima Jingu Shrine - Mitarashi Pond

The "Monet's Pond" in Gifu has been very popular in the past years, but the Mitarashi Pond inside the Kashima Jingu Shrine is just as beautiful. The view of the Torii Gates and the Koi fish swimming in the shining blue waters is mystical and certainly a must-see.

【Address】2306-1 Kyuchu, Kashima, Ibaraki
【Hours】Open 24 hours
【Closed】Open all year round

The Great Buddha of Ushiku

The Great Buddha of Ushiku located in Ushiku city, Ibaraki, is 120 meters tall. It is the largest bronze statue in the world, and was registered on the Guinness Book in 1995. The inside of the Buddha is a five-story exhibition hall, and on sunny days you can see Mt. Fuji and the Sky Tree from the 85 meters high observatory.

【Address】2083 Kuno, Ushiku, Ibaraki
【Price】Including going inside the Buddha (set discount)
    Adults (middle school and older): 800 yen, Children (4 years olds to elementary school): 400 yen
【Hours】Weekday 9:30~17:00/Weekends and holidays 9:30~17:30 (March to September)
      Weekday 9:30~16:30/Weekends and holidays 9:30~16:30 (October to February)
【Closed】Open all year round

Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge

The Ryujin Big Suspension Bridge in the Okukuji Prefectural Nature Park of Ibaraki has a length of 375 meters. It is the 3rd longest pedestrian bridge on mainland Japan. In autumn many tourists come to visit the bridge to see the beautiful scenery of autumn leaves. It is also a popular spot for bungee jumping. Why don't you try taking the challenge of Japan's highest bungee jump from 100 meters above the ground?

【Address】2133-6 Kegano-cho, Hitachiota, Ibaraki
【Price】Idividual - Adults: 310 yen / Children (elementary and middle school): 210 yen
    Group - Adults (more than 30 people): 210 yen / Children (elementary and middle school): 190 yen

Eigenji Temple

The Eigenji Temple, often called the "Momiji (maple tree) temple", is a popular spot to enjoy beautiful autumn leaves as the name suggests. The peak of the autumn leaves is from early November to mid-November each year. The red and yellow colors of the trees that fill up the grounds of the temple are so beautiful that it will take your breath away.

【Address】1571 Daigo, Daigomachi, Kujigun, Ibaraki

Hitachinokuni Izumo Taisha Shrine

When you hear Izumo Taisha, most people think of Shimane prefecture. Did you know that Ibaraki also has an Izumo Taisha? The Izumo Taisha in Kasama, Ibaraki is a branch shrine of the Izumo Taisha in Shimane. Just like the Izumo Taisha in Shimane, this shrine is famous for answering prayers for good relationships, so be sure to stop by if you have someone that you are interested in.

【Address】2001, Fukuhara, Kasama, Ibaraki
【Hours】8:00~17:00 (openig hours)

Amabiki Kannon

The Amabiki Kannon is famous for answering prayers for a safe childbirth and child raising. There are 3000 hydrangea flowers of different kinds planted in its grounds, and it is filled with visitors every year in June during the "Amabiki Kannon Hydrangea Festival".

【Address】1 Motogi, Sakuragawa, Ibaraki
【Hours】8:30~17:00 (Opening hours)
【Closed】Open all year round

In conclusion, these are the 7 highly recommended magnificent scenery spots of Ibaraki. In Ibaraki, there are many more wonderful spots than these, so please do take a visit and get a taste of its hidden fascinations.

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