12 hidden autumn leaves spots in Kanto loved by locals

12 hidden autumn leaves spots in Kanto loved by locals
Going on at trip to view autumn leaves during the fall season is popular among many people. However, when you do go somewhere to see the autumn leaves, you will find that every spot is crowded tourists from both inside and outside the country. Haven't you ever had the thought of searching for a hidden spot that only local people know? This time, I would like to introduce such hidden autumn leaves spots of the Kanto Area.

1.Hananuki Valley (Ibaraki)

The Hananuki Valley is made of several valleys and waterfalls. You can see the whole valley from the Shiomidaki Suspension Bridge and the campground. In autumn, the brilliantly colored scenery of the red, yellow, and green autumn leaves of different trees including beech trees and chestnut oak trees, will captivate those who see it.


2. Eigenji Temple (Ibaraki)

The Eigenji was built in 1446. It is often called the "Maple Tree Temple", and as the name suggests, the scenery of the temple during the autumn leaves season is wonderful. The contrast between the forest of autumn leaves and the enshrined Benzaiten (the goddess of water and music) is beautiful. In addition, if you climb up the hill you will be able to get a whole view of the town of Daigo-machi.


3. Mt. Horai (Tochigi)

The sacred place of Mt. Horai is counted as one of "Japan's 3 greatest Horai Mountains". There is a shrine in the mountains that was founded by a Buddhist Priest named Shodo, who also founded the Nikko Futarasan Shrine. It has the most visitors during the autumn, when its trails are filled with beautiful autumn-colored nature of trees and rivers. Also, there is a waterfall known as the "Maboroshi-no-Taki (phantom waterfall), which is also a highly beautiful must-see spot.

Peak:late October to early November

4. Lake Kameyama (Chiba)

Located on the inside of Boso Peninsula, Lake Kameyama is a man-made lake created for the construction of the Kameyama Dam in 1980. Lake Kameyama is the largest reservoir in Chiba, and it has an area of 1.39 million square meters. By the lake there are trails and parks where you can take a stroll while enjoying the scenery of the lake and the mountains. There are also pleasure boats, which you can ride from the nearby Sasakawa Valley or Inonokawa Valley. The atmosphere of the landscape surrounded by autumn leaves is another charms of Lake Kameyama.
Peak:mid-November to early December

5. Shin-Edogawa Park (Tokyo)

The landscape garden with a circular path inside the Shin-Edogawa Park was gardened so that water can be pulled in through the undulating hill that falls into the Kanda River, by a technique called "Yarimizu". On the trails of the park, you can enjoy the charms of the art of landscaping and the autumn leaves, but I also highly recommend the colorful autumn view of the park from the "Sazanka" observatory.

Peak:Late November to early December.

6. Tonogayato Garden (Tokyo)

The Tonogayato Garden is a metropolitan garden administered by the Tokyo Metropolitan Park Association. In the park there is a garden with a circular path created by making use of the natural landform, and about 200 trees with autumn leaves. It is definitely worth it to have a look at its scenery. Also from the park, you can see the wild grasses and flowers of Musashino, and one of Tokyo's top best spring waters.

Peak:Late November to Early December

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