A walk in the sky! 5 ropeways with a great view of nature

A walk in the sky! 5 ropeways with a great view of nature
leaves. It would be nice to enjoy the sceneries by mountain climbing, but it would be greater to get a panoramic view of the mountains from high up above. How about taking a walk up in the sky on a ropeway that will easily take you to the top of a high mountain?

This time, I would like to introduce 5 of such magnificent ropeways.

1. Komagatake Ropeway (Nagano) | A large-scale walk in the sky to the highest station in Japan.

The Komagatake Ropeway will take you from Shirabidaira Station to Senjojiki Station, the highest station in Japan. On the 7 minutes and 30 seconds walk in the air, you can see a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji, the Southern Alps, Mt. Mitake, Mt. Norikura, and also the Northern Alps.


When you get past Shirabidaira Station, you will be welcomed by the magnificent view of the Senjojiki Cirque. Not only is it the Senjojiki Station the highest station, but the large-scale ropeway has the record for the longest difference in altitude between stations in all of Japan. Take a visit to fully enjoy the nature of the Central Alps.

【Address】759-489, Ako, Komagane, Nagano9
【Price】Adults (round trip): 2,260 yen, Children (round trip): 1,130 yen
【Hours】9:00~16:00 (early November ~ end of November) ※may change depending on the season, check the HP
【Closed】Open all year round ※may close for inspection

2. Amanohashidate Cable Car (Kyoto) | Enjoy one of the three most famous sights of Japan on a cable car to go up and a lift to go down

The Amanohashidate Cable Car in Miyazu, Kyoto will take you from Fuchu Station to Kasamatsu Station. When you get to Kasamatsu Station, the last station of the cable car, try bending down and looking out from between your legs at Kasamatsu Park.You will see a magnificent view that makes Amanohashidate look like a bridge cast over the sky.


For going down, I recommend that you take the lift that runs right next to the cable car.


The view of Amanohashidate (one of the 3 most famous sights of Japan) from the lift is certainly breathtaking!

【Price】Adults (round trip): 660 yen, Children (round trip): 330 yen
【Hours】8:00~17:30 (October) ※Changes depending on the season, check the HP
【Closed】・Amanohashidate Cable Car: Open all year round ※may close for inspection,
Amanohashidate Lift: Closed from December 1st ~ end of February

3. Gozaisho Ropeway (Mie) | The collaboration between the 3 colors of autumn leaves and the rocky mountain

The highlight of the Gozaisho Ropeway is the scenery of the vivid autumn leaves and the large rocks of the mountain. The trees of Mt. Gozaisho gradually change colors from the top of the mountain to the bottom during period of one month from mid-October. For this reason, the scenery of the autumn leaves on the mountain is different at each altitude.
▲The "Jizoiwa" rock, a famous spiritual spot. There are many more strange rocks like this on Mt. Gozaisho.
At the mountaintop, there are 5 lookouts and observatories, and you can get a view of the breathtaking and magnificent scenery from an altitude of 1,212 meters.

【Address】Yunoyama Onsen, Komonocho, Miegun, Mie
【Price】Adults (round trip): 2,160 yen, Children (round trip): 2,080 yen
【Hours】April 1st ~ November 30th: 9:00~17:20 (final outbound) ※May change depending on the season, Check the HP 【Closed】Open all year round ※May close for inspection

4. Unzen Ropeway (Nagasaki) | 3 minutes to see coral reef-like fantastic autumn foliage

Unzen Ropeway (Nagasaki) | 3 minutes to see coral reef-like fantastic autumn foliage
The Myokendake is a famous place for autumn leaves that was designated as a national natural monument, and it makes an appearance on TV every year. From Nita Pass Station to Myokendake Station, you can take a 3-minute walk in the air above such beautiful autumn leaves.
▲The view from the wide windows of the gondola is breathtaking.
The green-colored leaves mixed inside the autumn leaves look just like a coral reef under the ocean. The peak of this fantasy-like scenery of Myokendake is from late October to early November.

【Address】551 Unzen, Obamacho, Unzen-shi, Nagasaki
【Price】Adults (round trip): 1,260 yen, Children (rount trip): 630 yen
【Hours】Summer Season (April 1st ~ October 31st): 8:31~17:23 (final inbound at 17:03) / Winter Season (November 1st ~ March 31st): 18:31~17:11 (final inbound at 16:51)
【Closed】Open all year round ※May close for inspection

5. Kankakei Ropeway (Kagawa) | One of Japan's 3 greatest beautiful valleys located on an isolated island

You can get to the Shodoshima Island in 1 hour by ferry from the Takamatsu Port in Kagawa. The Kankakei is a scenic spot on Shodoshima that was selected as one of Japan's 3 greatest beautiful valleys. It takes about 5 minutes to get from Koun Station to the top of the mountain. The Kankakei Ropeway is an impressive and thrilling aerial trip through deep a valley of rocky walls. The peak of Kankakei's autumn leaves is from early November to late November.

【Address】327-1 Kankakedori, Soodoshima, Shozu, Kagawa
【Price】Adults (round trip): 1,470 yen, Children (round trip): 740 yen
【Hour】8:30~17:00 (October 21st ~ November 30th) ※May change depending on the season, Check the HP
【Closed】Open all year round ※May close for inspection

So what did you think? When you get to the top of the mountain, you might find it unexpectedly cold. This is because the temperature at the mountaintop is about 8 to 10°C lower than at the base. Be sure to check the temperature on the homepage before going to the autumn mountains!

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