6 ways to enjoy "Hirosaki", the city of apples

6 ways to enjoy
6 ways to enjoy "Hirosaki", the city of apples
When you walk through the town, you will find an apple post box and retro western-style buildings. There is also the Hirosaki castle, which you can enjoy its beautiful season through all four seasons of the year.

This time, I would like to introduce 6 ways to enjoy the city of Hirosaki that is a perfect place for taking a stroll through.

1. Take a tour of the retro western-style houses that look like those from fairy tales.

From the Meiji period, Hirosaki aimed to become an academic city and has invited foreign professors to teach English. In addition, the city actively introduced western culture, and there are many western-style buildings that were built from the Meiji period to the Taisho period left in the city.
▲The beautiful contrast of the red dome-shaped roof, green window frames, and white walls of the former Hirosaki City Library
【Address】2-1 Shimoshirogane, Hirosaki, Aomori
▲The Aomori Bank Memorial Hall of a beautiful symmetrical Renaissance-style
【Address】26 Motonagamachi, Hirosaki, Aomori
【Price】Adults: 200yen, Elementary and Middle Schoolers: 100 yen
▲A building of the first private school in Aomori, To-o Gijuku, that was the dormitory for the foreign English teachers the school invited.
There is a cafe on the first floor with a classical atmosphere that will make you feel like you slipped back in time to the Meiji period. At this cafe they serve French cuisine and desserts that you eat with chopsticks.
【Address】2-1 Shimoshirogane, Hirosaki
【Hours】9:00~18:00 (The cafe hours are 9:30~18:00)
The city is filled with many photogenic western-style buildings like these. While it is also a castle town, you can enjoy a blend of Japanese and Western culture in Hirosaki.

2. Go on a search for the "apple post box"!

When someone mentions Hirosaki, most people think "Japan's largest producer of apples".
If you walk through the town, you will find apples in various places of the town, like on manholes and on traffic mirrors.

Especially, the post box with a bright red apple on top is very photogenic. If you find these apple post boxes located in many places of the town like at the city hall or at the apple park, make sure to take a photo of it.

3. Take a walk through Hirosaki Park beautiful year-round

Cherry blossoms in the spring, lotus flowers in the summer, red and yellow leaves in the fall, and finally snow in the Winter. The Hirosaki Park is enjoyable in every season throughout the year. The cherry blossoms of the spring season are especially popular in Hirosaki Park.

Hirosaki's cherry blossoms are one of the best in Japan. The feature that distinguishes them from other cherry blossoms is that several flowers bloom from each bud, making them look fluffy.
The one spot in the park that you cannot miss is the castle moat filled with flower petals.
This spot was selected to be in a famous book called "The breathtaking sights in the world I want to see before I die." by a famous Japanese writer named Shiho. It is most likely that you have seen this place before in a photo.
This magnificent scenery is often referred to as a "carpet" of cherry blossoms. The spectacular view will want to make you want to come again the next year.
The Hirosaki Cherry Festival of 2018 will be held from April 21st to May 6th.
How about going for a stroll through the park with more than 300 cherry trees at least 100 years old, while enjoying a snack from the food stands?

atmosphere of the Taisho period

Right in front of the Hirosaki Castle is a "Concept Store" of Starbucks. There are 14 "Concept Stores" in Japan that were specially designed to match the surrounding areas of each store. 3 of these "Concept Stores" including this one in Hirosaki were designated as Tangible Cultural Properties.

This store that has a mixed design of Japanese and Western styles was built in 1917 as a dormitory for the division commander of the Japanese military.
How about having a special coffe break at this cafe filled with a historic atmosphere of the Taisho period?
【Address】1-1 Kamishiroganecho, Hirosaki, Aomori
【Hours】 7:00~21:00

5. Try the tasty apple pies at different shops

Hirosaki is filled with shops where can eat apple sweets. Out of all of them, each shop is particular about their apple pies. Using different types of apples and pie dough of different textures, all of these shops have their own unique recipes for their apple pies.
▲The apple pie of"Le Castle Factory" (302 yen) with ice cream on the side

There is also a guide map that shows 47 different apple pies that you can eat in Hirosaki. Using this guidebook, you can go on a search for your favorite apple pie.

Apple Guide map:

6. Have some cider inside an apple farm

Suddenly, do you know Ceedle?
In Hirosaki, a well-known producer of apples, there is a place where you can try cider, the alcoholic drink that originated in France made from the juice of fermented apples.
This white triangular building in between the apple trees is the Hirosaki Cidre Factory Kimori. At this factory, young apple farmers home-make their own cider.

Throughout the factory there are many apple-related objects like apple-shaped chairs and a stove built from apple tree wood.
A cup of cider costs 300 yen.
How about spending some relaxing time looking out the window at the trees laden with apples?

In addition, at the shop of the Apple Park in which the Hirosaki Cidre Factory Kimori is located in, you can buy many different apple-related products including the cider.

Wouldn't it be nice to slowly spend some time viewing some 1,300 apple trees of the park while looking for a nice apple gift?
【Address】Within Hirosaki City Apple Park, 52-3 Terasawa, Shimizutomita, Hirosaki, Aomori
【Hours】 9:00~17:00
These are the 6 recommended ways to enjoy Hirosaki. In any case, Hirosaki is the perfect place for taking a stroll. Be sure to bring a camera with you when you visit.

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