2 springs in Akiruno, Tokyo like the "Monet's Pond"

2 springs in Akiruno, Tokyo like the
This time I would like to introduce you hidden magnificent spots in Tokyo that I actually would rather want to keep a secret. These spots are the Ninomiya Shrine and the Yakumo Shrine in Akiruno, Tokyo. Located right near the JR Itsukaichi Line Higashiakiru Station, these two shrines that resemble the "Monet's Pond" in Gifu is a spot where you can view a beautiful filled with carp fishes. You can go to Higashiakiru Station from Shinjuku in about 1 hour by train, so it is a perfect little-known spot for dropping by on a weekend!

The Ninomiya Shrine Pond filled with beautiful spring water

First I would like to introduce the Ninomiya Shrine, which you can get to in just a few minutes by foot from Higashiakiru Station. At first sight it looks like a normal shrine, but inside this shrine there is a wonderful hidden spot.
If you go down the stone steps of the approach to the shrine and cross over to the other side of the road, you will get to the Ninomiya Shrine Pond. This hidden spot was selected as one of the 57 top spring water spots of Tokyo.
This pond is called the "pond that never dries up", from its plentiful volume of water. Legend has it that the water of this pond gushed out when Yamato Takeru no Mikoto, a legendary Japanese hero, worshiped the God of water, Kunidokotachi no Mikoto, during a drought. Unfortunately, it was cloudy when I went to visit the pond, but it still looked beautiful even in cloudy weather. Can't you see how beautiful it is from the clearness of the water in the photos?
The view of the carp fishes swimming through the pond must look even more beautiful in clear weather. Incidentally, these photos were taken with a cell phone, but you can still see how clear the water is.
【Access】1189 Ninomiya, Akiruno, Tokyo
【Access】About 5 minutes from JR Itsukaichi Line, Higashiakiru Station

The flood control basin of "Yakumo Shrine" that quietly sits in the midst of a residential area

The second spot that I would like to introduce is the Yakumo Shrine that located inside a residential area about 10 minutes away from the Ninomiya Shrine. It is in such an unusual place with many houses that you might accidentally walk straight past it.
Right when you step into the grounds of the Yakumo Shrine, you will see the flood control basin pond on your right. This pond was selected as one of the 57 top spring water spots of Tokyo just like the Ninomiya Shrine.
This pond is smaller compared to the pond of Ninomiya Shrine, but you can see across the whole pond and it is easier to see the carp fishes swimming through it. This pond is recommended for taking a photo like the "Monet's Pond". You might just forget about the time while quietly gazing at the carp fish swimming throught the beautiful lake, in the empty grounds of the shrine. There is also a cherry tree planted nearby the pond, so I also recommend visiting the shrine during spring.
【Address】316, Nobe, Akiruno, Tokyo
【Access】About 5 minutes by foot from JR Itsukaichi Line Higashiakiru Station North Exit

These two hidden spots are usually empty even on weekends. The "Monet's Pond" in Gifu was also a place that was only known by a part of the local people, but it recently became a nationally popular tourism spot through the SNS. It may be possible that these 2 spots that I just introduced will become a famous spot as well in the future. I recommend checking them out now while there are not too many people!

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