ZEKKEI Japan’s Ten Most-“Liked” Spots

ZEKKEI Japan’s Ten Most-“Liked” Spots
Today we’ve prepared a Top 10 ranking of the most “Liked” spots on ZEKKEI Japan. Which is your favorite?


Sunflower Fields in Akeno (Yamanashi)

The incredible sight of these endless sunflower fields remains with you long after you leave.


Kazura Bridge, Oku-iya (Tokushima)

This thrilling suspension bridge is popular with domestic and international tourists alike.


Hakone Tozan Railway (Kanagawa)

The charming fields of hydrangeas through which this train runs are only in season once a year.


Sumata Valley (Shizuoka)

This suspension bridge hanging over the bright blue waters below creates a dream-like scene.


Kazue-machi (Ishikawa)

A warm light fills the quintessentially Japanese streets of Kazue-machi, illuminating the cherry blossoms in spring.


Kyu-Furukawa Gardens (Tokyo)

With Western-style architecture and beautiful roses, these gardens are an oasis of peace in the busy metropolis.


Miyama (Kyoto)

Experience the sights of a traditional Japanese countryside town in the old capital of Kyoto.


Yuigahama (Kanagawa)

Look down to the sea below from a mountainside carpeted in hydrangeas.


Furano (Hokkaido)

In Furano, famed for its fields of lavender, the earth stretches out in a vast carpet of fragrant purple.


Ouchi-juku (Fukushima)

This old station town, covered in snow during winter days, is redolent with an Edo-era atmosphere.

It seems that both flowers and old-style Japanese towns are popular on Facebook too. Be sure to check out these delightful destinations with your own eyes!

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