4 unique Great Buddha statues in Aichi

4 unique Great Buddha statues in Aichi
It is very a little known fact, but Aichi is the prefecture with the most temples in Japan. So, there are many places within the prefecture where you can see unique statues of Buddha.

Among them, this time we will introduce the huge Big Buddha that will surprise you without thinking about its size.

1. Toganji Temple, the Great Buddha of Nagoya

桃巌寺 名古屋大仏
The Toganji Temple is located in the headquarters of the Soto sect in Chikusa, Nagoya. It is said that Oda Nobuyuki, the younger brother of Oda Nobunaga, built it as a family temple for their father, Oda Nobuhide.
Around the temple there are many shops popular among women, a large apartment building, and a university. The Great Buddha of Nagoya suddenly appears in the middle of such town.
桃巌寺 名古屋大仏
This principle image of Buddha is 10 meters tall, and 15 meters tall including the pedestal. When it was first built in 1987 it had a different color, but when it was repaired in 2004, it was transformed this green color. At its pedestal there are statues of elephants, monks, and deer placed around the Buddha in such a way as to support it.
桃巌寺 名古屋大仏
Not only is this Buddha enormous, but the intensity of its green color will almost make you want to take a step back.
At the Toganji, there is also the biggest fish-shaped wooden drum in Japan with a diameter of 1 meter. This drum is said to eliminate all of your sins if you touch it by hand. Also, every year from January 1st through 5th and on May 7th and 8th, there is a rich-colored statue called the "Sleeping Benten" on display. This is a statue of the goddess of arts and wisdom.
You might be able to make more discoveries if you take your time when visiting this temple.
【Address】2-16 Yotsuyatori, Chikusa, Nagoya, Aichi
【Price】Free (There is a 1,000 yen fee to view the Sleeping Benten)
【Hours】Summer season: 9:00~18:00, Winter season: 9:00~17:00
【Closed】Open all year round
【Access】About 5 minutes from Higashiyama Line/Meijo LineMotoyama Station

2. Jofukuji Temple, the Great Buddha of Kariyado

常福寺 刈宿(かりやど)の大仏
The Jofukuji Temple of Nishio, Aichi was built over 1,000 years ago in the memorial of the mother of Minamoto no Mitsukuni, a samurai commander and descendant of Emperor Seiwa.
常福寺 刈宿(かりやど)の大仏
Inside the temple grounds, there is a 7 meters (14 meters including the pedestal) tall statue of Buddha built from copper-colored concrete.
It was built in 1928 to commemorate the Emperor Showa's succession to the throne, to pray for the safety of fisherman, and also as a funeral burial for those who were lost at sea. For this reason, the Buddha sits to face the sea and prays for safety.
常福寺 刈宿(かりやど)の大仏
Hung from the back of the Buddha's head and down its back, there is a halo of two circles that overlap each other. This halo is called "Kouhai", and it is a symbolization of the ray of hope that the Buddha and Bodhisattva give off from their mind and body.
It is rare for a Buddha to have a Kouhai like this one. You can also go through the inside of the Buddha, where you will find a statue of Amitabha Tathagata enshrined.
【Address】50 Kariyadocho Exit, Nishio, Aichi
【Closed】Open all year round
【Access】About 10 minutes by taxi from Meitetsu Nishio Line Fukuchi Station

3. Shurakuen Garden, the Great Buddha of Shurakuen

In 1927, there was a ceremony to consecrate the Great Buddha of Shurakuen to commemorate the marriage of Emperor Showa. The Buddha was built by Yamada Saikichi, who created the famous "Moriguchizuke (a type of pickled vegetables)" of Nagoya.
It is 18.79 meters tall and is also known as Japan 's first "Great Buddha with a Womb Space".
The Buddha is so big that you can see it from the closest station and nearby roads. It is larger than the Great Buddha of Kamakura, and is definitely worth visiting.
【Address】2-1 Nishihazama, Araomachi, Tokai, Aichi
【Closed】Mondays ※Open on holidays but closed the day after
【Access】About 5 minutes by foot from Meitetsu Train Shurakuen Station

4. Konan, the Hotei Buddha

The Hotei Buddha's appearance might make you laugh because of its unique and humorous face on a head somewhat big for its body.
This Buddha is a concrete statue built by Maeda Hidenobu, a practitioner of acupuncture and moxibustion.
Maeda, who had a weak body since he was young, received an oracle in his dreams, and decided to erect the Hotei Buddha.
The consecrtion of the Buddha statue was in 1954. As it was built on private property, the ground leveling and concrete mixing were all done by hand.
The Buddha is 18 meters tall, and it is said that it will heal your illnesses and guide you to enlightenment.
The Great Buddha is a rare one, as there is a bonesetter's office run by Maeda's sun fused with it.
There are many houses and building surrounding the Great Buddha, and you can see its gentile smile from in between these buildings and from the train that runs nearby. The Great Buddha watches over the whole town, taking over the will of the deceased.
【Address】132, Kigachodaimon, Konan, Aichi
【Hours】Open all year round
【Access】About 15 minutes by foot from Inuyama Line Hotei Station
Each of these Great Buddha statues are definitely more amazing when you see it in person! Be sure to check out their overwhelming appearances.

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