5 cherry blossom spots in Kyushu at superb locations

5 cherry blossom spots in Kyushu at superb locations
When it comes to spring in Japan, one thing crosses my mind: cherry blossoms! Did you know that there are many cherry blossom spots in Kyushu?
This time I would like to introduce 5 beautiful spots in Kyushu including a peaceful mountain village, castle ruins, a plateau with a view of the ocean, and ancient tombs.

1. The single standing cherry tree of Asai | Fukuoka

|The 100 year old "Yamazakura" reflecting on the surface of the water

The single standing tree of Asai is said to be about 100 years old. It is a stately mountain cherry tree with a circumference of 4.3 meters, a height of 18 meters, and has branches that spread out to 23 meters.
Mt. Mino in Kurume, the tree has been treasured and protected by local citizens for many years.
  • 浅井の一本桜
  • 浅井の一本桜
Many people from outside the prefecture also come to see the beautiful "upside down cherry tree" reflected on the surface of the water.
During its peak the tree is lit up, and you can enjoy a mystical view of the gorgeous tree.
【Peak】Early April to mid-April

2. Maizuru Park | Fukuoka

|The 1,000 beautiful cherry trees of famous ancient tombs

The Fukuoka Castle, also known as the Maizuru Castle, was built over 7 years from 1601 by the Nagamasa family, who was a feudal lord of the area at the time.
In the Maizuru Park at the castle ruins, At the castle ruins of Maizuru Park, there are many exhibition halls and historic monuments, beginning with the Tamon Tower that was designated as an Important Cultural Property.
  • 舞鶴公園
  • 舞鶴公園
Within the park there are 1,000 cherry trees of 18 different kinds including Yoshino cherry trees, mountain cherry trees, and weeping cherry trees, so you can enjoy cherry blossoms for a long period of time.
Every year from late March to early April, the "Fukuoka Sakura Festival" is held, when you can enjoy many outdoor shops and eat local foods of Fukuoka. At night, there is also an illumination that lights up the stone walls of the castle to create a fantasy-like atmosphere.
【Peak】Mid-March to late April

3. Shirakimine Plateau | Nagasaki


|A collaboration of the cherry blossoms, rape blossoms, the sea and the sky

Shirakimine Plateau is located on the border between Nagasaki and Saga at an altitude of 349 meters in the center of Mt. Gokaharatake. Beautiful cherry trees stand in the midst of this yellow garden of about 100,000 rape blossoms.
Beyond the garden, there is a magnificent view of the Isahaya Plains, the Ariake Sea, and Mt. Unzen
  • 白木峰高原
  • 白木峰高原
This collaboration of the yellow and pink flowers with the blue sea and sky is also a popular place to take pictures. Nearby there are also facilities for children, such as the Isahaya Children's Castle and the Cosmos Flower Space Hall, so this place can be a great place to go out with family.
【Peak】 Late March to early April

4. Yutoku Inari Shrine | Saga

|The cherry trees in full bloom that highlight the beauty of the vermillion-painted shrine

The Yutoku Inari Shrine, one of the "Three Great Inari Shrines of Japan" that also include the Fushimi Inari and Kasama Inari Shrines, is one of Kyushu's most popular shrines, and has three million visitors each year. The local people call this shrine "Yutoku-san", and it is worshiped as the God of business prosperity and family fortune.
  • 祐徳稲荷神社
  • 祐徳稲荷神社
The main buildings painted with lacquer are often called "Chinzei Nikko", meaning the "sunlight of Kyushu", because of its absolute beauty. Cherry trees that bring out the beauty of the shrine bloom in all there glory in various places, such as the outside garden, on its grounds, and in front of the large Torii Gate.
Every year on April 8th, there is also a Spring Festival where many rituals are performed, and the shrine becomes filled with visitors.
【Peak】Late March to early April

5. Saitobaru Kofungun | Miyazaki

|The collaboration of the cherry blossoms and rape blossoms that spread out in the burial mounds filled with the romance of ancient times

The Saitobaru Kofungun in Saito is a group of burial mounds located almost in the center of Miyazaki, the home of Japanese myths. In the vast plateau of about 230 times the size of the Tokyo Dome, there are more than 300 tombs of many different sizes.
When Spring comes, about 2,000 cherry trees and 300,000 rape blossoms bloom, and you can enjoy the collaboration of these beautiful flowers.
  • 西都原古墳群
  • 西都原古墳群
The contrast between the pink cherry blossoms and the yellow rape blossoms spread out under the sky will take your breath away. During their peaks from late March to early April, the "Saito Flower Festival" is held. At this festival, many shops open up outdoors, and you can enjoy musical performances of Japanese traditional music. There is also an illumination of the cherry blossoms at night.
【Peak】Late March to early April

What did you think of these cherry blossom spots in Kyushu? They are all wonderful places where you can enjoy illuminations and collaborations with other flowers. Be sure to visit one of these cherry blossom spots of Kyushu, and fully enjoy the Spring of Japan.

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