5 best cherry blossom spots in Osaka this year

5 best cherry blossom spots in Osaka this year
Don't you get excited when it gets closer to cherry blossom season? This time, I will introduce several beautiful spots for cherry blossom viewing unique to Osaka.
In Osaka, there are many magnificent places you cannot miss when it comes to cherry blossoms, such as tunnels of cherry blossoms, temples and castles, and other buildings and railways.

1. Katsuo-ji Temple | Mino

|A spiritual spot for good luck colored in pink with late-blooming cherry blossoms

At the Katsuo-ji Temple of Mino, you will find a temple of the "Koyasan Shingon-shu", a Japanese sect of Buddhism. This temple has been popular for many years as a spiritual spot to pray for good luck and victory.
The grounds of the temple is decorated with "Kachi (victory) Daruma", for its visitors that come to pray for good luck in business, exams, sports, and elections.
  • 勝尾寺
  • 勝尾寺
The temple is also famous for its late-blooming cherry blossoms. In March you can also see the early-blooming "Higan" cherry blossoms, but from mid-April to early-May, the different kinds including weeping cherry blossoms, double-petaled cherry blossoms, and wild mountain cherry blossoms fill the temple grounds with their pink color.
During this time, the temple is filled with people who have come to take pictures of the photogenic collaboration of the red temple gate and the pale pink cherry blossoms.
【Peak】Mid-April to early May

2. Kema Sakuranomiya Park | Osaka

|The promenade of flowers that continue along the rivers of the "City of Water", Osaka

Kema Sakuranomiya Park is a riverside park of about 4.2km located next to the Okawa River, between the Kema Araizeki (overfall weir) and the Temmabashi Bridge.
In the park there are many retro buildings from the beginning of the Meiji period, a shrine, and an art museum.
There are also open spaces and a trail near the waterside, so it can be a great place for taking a break in between sightseeing.
  • 毛馬桜之宮公園
  • 毛馬桜之宮公園
From late March, the 4,800 cherry trees reach their peak, and the riverside becomes filled with pink cherry blossoms.
If you want to enjoy cherry blossom viewing unique to the "city of water" Osaka, you can go river cruising on the Japanese-style houseboat that is a recreation of a boat from the Edo period.
【Peak】 Late March to mid-April

3. Yamanakadani | Hannan


|Rows of cherry blossom trees that fill the post town of the mountain village

Yamanakadani is a place located 1 hour and 20 minutes away by train from Osaka, in the mountainous region close to Wakayama. During the Edo period,
Yamanakadani served as a staging post on a trade route called the Kishu Kaido. The area has about 1,000 cherry trees lined up in rows, mainly by the riverside.
During the peak from late March to early April, you can enjoy a fantasy-like atmosphere of lit-up cherry blossoms.
  • 山中渓
  • 山中渓
The area is also popular among photo lovers, because you can take photos of trains running through the cherry trees.
At the Jifuku-ji Temple, which is 5 minutes away from Yamanakadani Station by foot, you can view weeping cherry blossoms that cover the temple grounds.
At the Jifuku-ji Temple, which is 5 minutes away from Yamanakadani Station by foot, you can view weeping cherry blossoms that cover the temple grounds.
【Peak】 Late March to early April

4. Osaka Castle Park | Osaka

|The collaboration between the Osaka Castle Tower and a breathtaking view of cherry blossoms

The Osaka Castle Park with a castle tower at its center is considered the best place for viewing cherry blossoms in Osaka, as it was selected as one of "Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots".
There are about 3,000 cherry trees planted in the park, including Yoshino cherry trees, mountain cherry trees, weeping cherry trees and many other kinds.
You can also view the castle tower surrounded by cherry blossoms from Nishinomaru Park, where about 300 Yoshino cherry trees bloom.
At night, there is a light-up at night, where you can enjoy a mystical atmosphere created by an illumination of the cherry trees and the castle tower.
  • 大阪城公園
  • 大阪城公園
There are more spots for cherry blossom viewing in addition to Nishinomaru Park, such as the Tamatsukuriguchi entrance where you can view late-blooming double-petaled cherry blossoms.
【Peak】Late March to early April

5. The Cherry Blossom Pathway of the Osaka Mint Bureau | Osaka

|Limited to 1 week only! The amazing path filled with more than 100 kinds of rare cherry blossoms

The cherry blossom pathway of the Osaka Mint Bureau is the representative for cherry blossom viewing in Osaka, and was also selected as one of "Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots".
Every year, a part of the mint bureau is opened up for the public for just one week, so people can walk through the 560m path surrounded by cherry blossom trees.
After the sunset there is also an illumination of "bonbori", a small lamp with a paper shade, and the path becomes bustled with visitors that came to see the cherry blossoms.
  • 造幣局 桜の通り抜け
  • 造幣局 桜の通り抜け
Along the path, 350 cherry trees of about 130 different kinds are planted, including the ball-shaped "Ootemari", the yellow-colored rare "Gyoiko", and the pink "Sasabe" cherry blossoms.
The great thing about the mint bureau's cherry blossom pathway is that you can enjoy the cherry blossoms not only by looking up, but also at eye-level.
【Peak】 Mid-April (The opening dates are decided in mid-March every year)
So here are the recommended places for viewing cherry blossoms in Osaka. The Osaka Castle Park, Kema Sakuranomiya Park, and the Osaka Mint Bureau are located fairly close to each other, so you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing in all three of these spots at the same time.
Be sure to visit Osaka and fully enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms.

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