4 mystical cherry trees of mountain villages

4 mystical cherry trees of mountain villages
In the various mountain villages throughout Japan, there are single cherry trees that have been admired by local residents for many years.
The single cherry trees that proudly bloom in the midst of nature have a different type of charm from those that are lined up along a path.
This time, I would like to introduce some of these single cherry trees that I highly recommend.

1. The weeping cherry tree of Yoichino | Hiroshima


|The prominent weeping cherry tree of Hiroshima that stands in a place with a deep connection to Nasu no Yoichi

This cherry tree stands in a field that was cultivated by the famous expert of archery, Nasu no Yoichi.
The tree is 12m tall, its branches spread over 9m, and is about 70 years old.
outstandingly beautiful appearance that is reflected in rice field filled with water.
During its peak in mid-April, the cherry tree is lit up for just one day.
Different from the daytime, the tree standing inside the darkness is so beautiful that you may forget about the time.
The day of this event differs depending on the weather and the condition of the blossoms, so be sure to check the website for information before visiting.
【Peak】Early April to mid April
【Address】1619 Jiryo, Akiota, Yamagata, Hiroshima
【Access】About 10 minutes by car from the Chugoku Expressway Togouchi IC

2. Daigo Cherry Tree | Okuyama


|The 1000 year old "Higan" cherry tree that was admired by Emperor Godaigo

The Daigo Cherry Tree is a large tree of 1000 years old that represents the Chugoku district.
With a height of 18m and branches that spread across 20m in all directions, this spectacular cherry calmly stands by itself on a small hill.
It is said that Emperor Godaigo admired this tree on his way to the Oki Islands, a place of exile for nobles during his time. This tree is also on the new list of Japan's 100 famous trees.
Its peak is in early April, especially around the 10th.
In the beginning of April, there is a light up after the sunset, and as a contrast to the daytime, you can enjoy a view of the lustrous pink color of the tree.
The Daigo cherry tree is especially popular during the weekend of its peak, that there is a more than 3 hours wait to see the tree.
If you do visit, I recommend that you go in the morning of a weekday.
There is also a place where dogtooth violets grow in colonies nearby, so you can enjoy it together with the Daigo cherry tree.
【Peak】 Early April to mid-April

3. Hyotan Sakura | Kochi


|Cherry blossom viewing at the town of "Niyodo Blue"

The water of the Niyodo River of Kochi is often called "Niyodo Blue" for its transparent blue color, and is recently gaining a lot of attention.
In the Niyodo River Town at the upper stream of the Niyodo River, there is a single impressive cherry tree called the "Hyotan (Gourd)" cherry tree, that stands in the middle of many other trees.
With a height of 21m, this 500 year old tree was named "Hyotan" because its buds looked like a gourd.
The peak of this tree that is said to be the tree with the strongest impression in Japan, is early April.
During the time of its peak, local residents open up shops where you can buy light meals like udon and special products like cherry blossom jelly. You can enjoy the charms of the local area more by eating local foods while viewing the cherry blossoms.
Again, in the Niyodo River Town, there is not only the cherry tree, but you can also enjoy the scenery of lined up cherry trees of the Oodo dam and the flowering peach trees of Northern Kuki.
Be sure to go see the recently popular "Niyodo Blue" and the beautiful flowers of Niyodo.
【Peak】Late March to early April
【Address】Niyodo, Agawagun, Kochi
【Access】About 90 minutes by car from Kochi Expressway Ino IC

4. The Cherry Tree of Wanizuka | Yamanashi


|A collaboration of Japan's most scenic single cherry tree and Mt. Yatsugatake

The Cherry Tree of Wanizuka is a 300 years old double weeping rosebud cherry that is also the city's natural monument.
With a great presence from its height of 17m and a trunk circumference of 3.6, the tree is used on the poster of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications' "Sakura Mail", and as a location site for dramas.
The scenery of the cherry tree and Mt. Yatsugatake together in one picture is definitely breathtaking.
I also recommend the light up that is held during the peak of the cherry blossoms. The pink colored petals illuminated by a dim light look so beautiful, as if it is not from this world.
Nearby, there is also the "Yamataka Jindai" cherry tree, which is Japan's first natural monument, and the oldest single standing cherry tree at 2000 years of age.
This tree is also one of Japan's "Sandai Sakura (3 greatest cherry trees). TheYamataka Jindai cherry treehas its peak in early April, so be sure to come at the right timing to enjoy viewing both of the cherry trees together.
【Peak】Early April to mid-April
【Address】624 Kitamiya, Kamiyamacho, Nirasaki
【Access】About 10 minutes by bus from JR Nirasaki Station, and about 5 minutes by foot from Takeda Yawata Entrance Bus Stop
In Japan, there are many more excellent single standing cherry trees than the ones that I introduced this time.
These cherry trees show different expressions depending on the time of day, during sunrise or sunset, and when they are lit-up at night.
How about visiting a mountain village to search for your own favorite view of flowers?

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