A must for beautiful scenery lovers! We tried using "ZEKKEI Posto", a postcard sent from beautiful places of Japan.

A must for beautiful scenery lovers! We tried using
Have you ever sent a postcard while travelling?
Recently, it has been popular among my friends who love travelling, to send postcards during their trip to their friends or themselves, or to collect them. Especially now when you can easily share photos using phones, the analog way of sending postcards is beginning to appeal to more people.

This time I would like to introduce "ZEKKEI Posto", a service that allows you to create and send original postcards on the spot from "zekkei" spots, or beautiful sceneries, during your trip.
Doesn't it make you curious what these "postcards that you can send from zekkei spots" are like?

Therefore in order to show the specific details, I went to try the "ZEKKEI Posto" out with a member of the editorial department.

A trip to Senso-ji Temple to use "ZEKKEI Posto"♪

This time I had Yuho, who is in charge of the management and operation of the ZEKKEI Japan Facebook page, help me out on this coverage.
Today I would like her to enjoy Senso-ji Temple as a tourist, and at the end, create a postcard using "ZEKKEI Posto" from the photos she took at the temple.

This is the first time for Yuho to participate in a coverage. She seems somewhat nervous, so first I hope that she will enjoy sightseeing at Senso-ji Temple to the full and relax the tension!
Senso-ji・Nakamise Dori

┃"Nakamise Dori", the 250m long approach to the temple with 89 stores lined up along the path.

First we arrived at Nakamise Dori. From Kaminarimon Gate to Hozomon Gate, there is a 250m approach with 89 shops on both sides filled with eye-catching products from delicious foods to souvenirs of Senso-ji.
As if drawn into the shops by the souvenirs, Nakamise Dori is crowded with tourists, and it is difficult to move forward. As expected of one of the best tourists spots in Japan, I can sense the high popularity of Senso-ji.
Senso-ji・Nakamise Dori
"This is so nostalgic~ ", Yuho says taking a kaleidoscope into her hands. She promptly puts herself into a tourist mode for todays task.
Senso-ji・Nakamise Dori
"Let's go ahead! To the next!", says Yuho. The tension must have gone away. It is a good thing to enjoy sightseeing to the fullest, but please do not forget to take photos for the postcard to use with "ZEKKEI Posto" later!

┃The other gate of Senso-ji, Hozomon

As we get past Nakamise Dori, we arrive at the other gate of Senso-ji, the Hozomon gate. Kaminarimon gate may be more famous, but Hozomon gate is just as beautiful with its vivid vermillion color.
Once you come up to the Hozomon gate, be sure to look over from this angle! This is an amazing spot where you can get the brilliant Hozomon gate and the Skytree all in one photo!
As expected of the one in charge of ZEKKEI Japan's facebook page, without any instructions, Yuho picks her phone up to take a shot of this best angle without missing it! That's a relief she has not forgotten about today's task!
She also takes a selfie! It must have been a good photo since she looks very satisfied.
After taking photos, she heads on over to draw a fortune.
She drew " uncertain with a little luck ". By the way, the order of fortunes at Senso-ji is excellent luck>good luck>semi-good luck>a little luck>uncertain with a little luck>uncertain luck>bad luck.
Although ranked fairly low, the rarest fortunes at Senso-ji are said to be "semi-good luck, a little luck, and uncertain with a little luck". Within these, "Uncertain with a little luck" is said to have only a 3% chance of drawing it. She must be rather lucky to be able to draw this.
Senso-ji・main temple

┃And now, to Senso-ji's main temple

You can see the excitement flowing from her smile after drawing a rare fortune. I am glad she did not draw "bad luck". I would be in trouble if she becomes upset from drawing that and starts to say she wants to leave.
After cleansing our hands and mouth at the purification fountain, we finally head on to worship at the main temple.
Senso-ji・main temple
It is said that Senso-ji can fulfill all of your wishes and make them come true. Yuho must have had a lot of wishes, because she was praying for quite a long time.
Asakusa Shrine

┃Lastly to the Asakusa Shrine famous for the Sanja Festival

If you come to Senso-ji, I recommend dropping by the Asakusa Shrine located on the right side of the main temple of Senso-ji. The Asakusa Shrine is famous for the Sanja Festival, but did you know that there is a hidden spiritual spot inside its grounds?
Asakusa Shrine・Meoto Komainu
Passing through Asakusa Shrine's Torii gate, to the right, there stands a pair of guardian dogs. This is actually a hidden spiritual spot, and they are called "Meoto Komainu". They are said to answer your prayers for good relationships, fulfillment in love, and harmony between married couples.

We greet them and take a photo together, so that they can hear our prayers.
This marks the end of the sightseeing tour!

Now let's create a postcard with "ZEKKEI Posto"!

After sightseeing, we take a break. From her satisfactory smile, it looks as though she has finished her job, but we are not done yet at all. Rather from here on is your main job, Yuho. At last, let's make a postcard using the photos we took today!
"What would you do if you become popular through this article, Yuho?"

”That won't happen for sure!" While chatting, she begins creating a postcard on the website of "ZEKKEI Posto".
▲Image shows what is still under developement.
Once again to explain how it works, "ZEKKEI Posto" is a web service that allows you to create and send postcards by combining an image of "zekkei" spots around your current location with a photo you took yourself.

In any case, to create a postcard, tap the "Make a post card" on the TOP page of "ZEKKEI Posto".

┃STEP1.Select a "zekkei" spot from your current location

When you tap "Make a post card" names of "zekkei" spots near your current location will pop up.
Since the page will show "zekkei" spots registered in "ZEKKEI Posto" using location information from your phone, make sure that location services is on.

This time we select Senso-ji, which we enjoyed sightseeing today, from the "zekkei" spots listed on the page.

┃STEP2.Select an image for the postcard

After agreeing to the terms of use, photos of the "zekkei" spot that you selected will be shown, so choose your favorite shot.The photo selected here will be printed on the back of the postcard.

The photos in "ZEKKEI Posto" are those that "ZEKKEI Japan" chose from a vast number of magnificent photos taken by professional photographers of Aflo Co.,Ltd, so they are all of very high quality!

All of the photos were so nice that it took Yuho some time to pick out her favorite one.

┃STEP3.Select your own photo to be printed on the front

After choosing a "zekkei" photo, select your own photo to be printed on the front side where you write the address.

I asked Yuho to choose what she thought she looked the best in from all the photos she took.

┃STEP4.Adjust the size of the front image, and enter a message

After selecting a photo, crop the photo to fit the specified size, enter a message for the recipient, and the postcard's design is complete!

┃STEP5.Enter necessary information such as address, and make a payment

Now enter your address and the recipient's address, and after making the payment (200yen/postcard. Credit card payment only), you are all finished making and sending your postcard. Wasn't it easier that you expected?

I cannot wait for the postcard to arrive so that I can see how it looks♪

About 3 days for domestic, and 4 to 10 days for overseas delivery.

Here is the postcard that arrived a few days later!
Printed on the front is a selfie taken with the five-storied pagoda in the back, and on the back is a photo of the Hozomon gate.
It takes 3 days for domestic, and 4 to 10 days to deliver overseas. After your trip, with your postcard you can look back on all the great memories from the trip, and it would be fun to think about where you might want to go next.

This time, we used the trial version of "ZEKKEI Posto", and it was very simple and easy to make our own original "zekkei" postcard.
In addition to Japanese, the website supports English and Traditional Chinese, so foreigners can also enjoy this service.

The next time you go to a "zekkei" spot, why don't you try making a postcard with "ZEKKEI Posto"?

Article by/Shinihi Usui
ZEKKEI Posto details
【Service start date】March 7th, 2018
【Fee】200yen/postcard(printing costs・postage fee included、credit card payment only)

【About the operating company】
「ZEKKEI Posto」is a Web service in which three companies cooporate, ZEKKEI Japan editorial department selects and introduces "zekkei" spots, HappyLogue Inc. operates the system, and Aflo Co.,Ltd provides photos.

TAS C., Ltd (ZEKKEI Japan editorial department)
4F Ginza East bldg, 7-16-14, Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo

HappyLogue Inc.
2-36, Honmaru-cho, Takaoka-shi, Toyama

Aflo Co.,Ltd
5F Ginza Ono bldg, 4-1-17, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

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