The hot spring is superb Kishu Shirahama Onsen Musashi

  • Wakayama Prefecture>Nishimuro-gun
    About 25 minutes from Nankitanabe IC
  • 1 ~ 3 people


Welcome to the superb view of Shirahama that no one knows

Ryokan Musashi has a magnificent view bath [Tenku] that can only be used by those who stay in the guest house [Washiki].
The feature is that you can enjoy the two views of Shirahama, "Entsukijima" and "Shirarahama" while soaking in a bathtub.
It is also a convincing view that it was selected as one of the 100 best hotels for setting sun in Japan.
Also, the scenery that changes with the seasons and time is always wonderful.
I can understand that there is a traveler who stays to visit this superb view bath.

Please note the following:
* There is no wash room available.
* A Japanese-style room can only be used by guests.
* Not available in bad weather.
* Not available for children only.

Watch the sunset while bathing in a bath in a special space. Along with the red burning sunset, the sound of the waves and the pleasant sea breeze that you can feel on your skin provide healing. It is a secret superb view spot suitable for being called a special place that promises a superb view.

This is an observation bath with a view of Shirarahama. Shirarahama is a representative tourist spot in Shirahama where you can experience the feeling of a resort as it becomes a "friendship sister beach" with Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii. This Musashino offers a magnificent view of Shirarahama.

This is an observation bath with a view of Engetsu Island. You can take a bath while looking at Engetsu Island, which has long been a symbol of Shirahama. Engetsu Island is a famous spot for sunsets, but it is probably only Musashi that you can see the hot springs at this angle.

Facilities and services

  • Check-in time 15:00~
    Checkout time 10:00
  • JCB / VISA / Master / AMEX / UC / DC / NICOS / Diners / Saison / Debit Card
  • Room 148
  • 8,300 yen ~
  • Hand towel

    Body Soap

  • Hairdryer


868 Shirahama, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture


  • Access by carAbout 25 minutes from Nankitanabe IC
  • Access by trainAbout 10 minutes by bus / taxi from JR Shirahama Station
  • Airplane accessAbout 10 minutes by bus or taxi from Nanki Shirahama Airport
  • Access by busAbout 10 minutes by bus from JR Shirahama Station


Kishu Shirahama Onsen Musashi is Also selected for The rooms are superb

Kishu Shirahama Onsen Musashi is Also selected for The location is superb

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