Saihoji Temple
Saihoji Temple
Saihoji Temple
Saihoji Temple
Saihoji Temple Saihoji Temple Saihoji Temple Saihoji Temple

Established in the Nara era (710-794 AD), Saihoji Temple is said to have over 1,200-years of history. Around 120 different types of moss flourish here during the rainy season in June and July. Due to this magnificent green carpet of moss, the temple is also often referred to as “Koke-dera” (literally, “Moss Temple” in Japanese). The 35,000 sq. meter temple garden has been designated as a special scenic and historical spot of Japan, as well as one of the “Cultural Assets of the Ancient Capital of Kyoto” by UNESCO World Heritage in 1994. The moss garden beautifully changes color during the fall – come in mid-November to early-December to see this breath-taking masterpiece at its peak.

  • Address

    56, Matsuo Jingatani Town, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, 615-8286

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  • Entry fee

    More than ¥3,000 (per person)

  • Opening Hours

    ・Jul - Sept: Doors open at 10:00
    ・Oct - Jun: Doors open at 13:00
    *Doors generally open once in a day
    *Please note that changes may occur without notice
    *Reservations only. Please see the official website for more information

  • Closed


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  • Best Season

    Jun., Jul., Nov., Dec.

  • Point


  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    Approx. 60-minutes from JR Kyoto Station by Kyoto bus no. 73 or 83 towards Koke-dera Suzumushi-dera. A 5-minute walk from the final bus stop, "Koke-dera Suzumushi-dera".

    Approx. 10-minutes from JR Saga-Arashiyama Station

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