Onouchi Valley
Onouchi Valley
Onouchi Valley
Onouchi Valley
Onouchi Valley Onouchi Valley Onouchi Valley Onouchi Valley


Onouchi Valley originates from Mt. Ryokami of Chichibu's mountain range. Visitors can bask in the calmness of the waterfall's minus ions and enjoy the local dish, "patate," made from baked mashed potato. From early January to early March, visitors can catch a glimpse of one of the three major icicles in the Chichibu Road at its peak, the "Onouchi Hundred Views Ice Pillar." It is a huge ice pillar built by the locals; it is lighted up for a limited time for a more spectacular view. It is a breathtaking sight that has been featured on television shows and magazine articles, and many people come to visit.

  • Address

    996-1 Kawarasawa, Ogano-machi, Chichibu, Saitama, 368-0292

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    Jan., Feb., Mar.

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    35 minutes via Seibu Bus-Oganoshako bound from Seibu Chichibu Line-Seibu Chichibu Station, get off at Ogano-machi Yakuba. Ride Seibu Bus-Sakamoto bound 30 minutes, get off at Onouchi Valley Entrance and walk 20 minutes.

    70 minutes by car from Kan-etsu-Hanazono Interchange

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