Mount Apoi
Mount Apoi
Mount Apoi Mount Apoi

Mt. Apoi, located in Samani Town, Hokkaido, has about 80 species of alpine plants growing at an altitude of about 810 m, and there are nearly 20 different endemic species. This place is called a treasure trove of rare alpine plants and unique geological features.
Also, because of the low altitude, Mt. Apoi is a relatively easy course for climbing, a lot of tourists visit this area during the holiday season. The Pacific Ocean is very close, so you can enjoy a view of the rich nature and the sea while climbing.

  • Address

    Fuyushima, Samani, Samani District, Hokkaido 058-0003

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  • Best Season

    May, Jun., Jul., Aug.

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  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    About 15 minutes by bus from Samani Station

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