Sadachinka Bridge
Sadachinka Bridge
Sadachinka Bridge Sadachinka Bridge


The Shimanto River is dotted with many "Low-water crossing bridges," with no parapets. These bridges are designed to sink when the water level rises, preventing driftwood from getting caught and sediment from destroying the bridge.
Among them, the low-water crossing bridge in Sada is only a few meters away from the river surface, allowing visitors to enjoy the atmosphere of the Shimanto River from a closer distance. In 2009, the bridge and its surrounding landscape were designated as an Important Cultural Landscape by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.

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    〒787-1106 Sata, Nakamura City, Kochi Prefecture

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  • Closed


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    All year

  • Point

    Parking: Dozens of units available

  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    1 hour and 15 minutes by car from the Kochi Expressway "Shimantocho Chuo IC"

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