Awa Sand Pillars
Awa Sand Pillars
Awa Sand Pillars Awa Sand Pillars

As the name "Awa no Dochyu" (Pillars of the Earth) implies, the area is characterized by a unique landscape with a forest of earthen pillars. It is said that the earth and gravel have been deposited since ancient times, and the land has been uplifted and part of it eroded by rain and earthquakes, creating the Art. This area was once the bottom of the Yoshino River, and you can see the basins formed by the Yoshino River.
It is a marvelous sight, formed over a million years, and is a precious thing that can only be seen on such a scale in Price Canyon National Park in the U.S., the South Tyrol region in northern Italy, and the earthen pillars of Awa.

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    Sakuranooka, Awa-cho, Awa-shi, Tokushima

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    All year

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    From the Tokushima Expressway "Wakimachi IC", take National Highway 193 and wide-area farm road, and head toward Takamatsu for about 15 minutes along the signboard.

    10 minutes on foot from Tokushima Expressway "Awa PA"

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