Red Tori in Shirahama shrine
Red Tori in Shirahama shrine
Red Tori in Shirahama shrine Red Tori in Shirahama shrine


On the Shirahama beach, which is part of the precinct of Shirahama Shrine located in Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture, a red torii gate stands facing the sea on a huge reef called "Dai Myojin Iwa" and is connected by a rope to the next reef from beside the torii gate. Beyond the Daemyojin Iwa is the Shirahama Ohama Beach, where the contrast between the pure white sand and the blue sea is wonderful.
The white layer on the coast is made up of volcanic ash and pumice from underwater volcanic eruptions and is said to contain many fossils such as shells.
Shirahama Beach is popular and crowded in summer, but the area around Shirahama Shrine is quiet and has a sacred atmosphere.

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    Shirahama, Shimoda City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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    All year

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    From Izukyu "Shimoda Station", take a bus bound for Shirahama Beach for about 15 minutes and get off at Shirahama Shrine.

    9 minutes by car from Izukyu "Shimoda Station", about 2 hours from Odawara Atsugi Road "Ishibashi IC", 1.5 hours from Tomei Expressway "Numazu IC"

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