Nara Park
Nara Park
Nara Park
Nara Park
Nara Park
Nara Park Nara Park Nara Park Nara Park Nara Park


This vast 660-hectare park is a home to various historically significant architectural marvels, including Todaiji Temple, Kofukuji Temple, and Kasuga Taisha Shrine. The park is also a home to over 1,000 wild deer, and they, along with the lush greenery thoughout the park, offer charming scenery. You can purchase shika senbei (deer crackers) to feed to the deer. (Note: these crackers are made exclusively for deer, so it won't be edible for a person).

  • Address

    Nara, Nara

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  • Best Season

    Oct., Nov., Dec.

  • Point

    The scenery brought together by autumn leaves and packs of deer is particularly exquisite.

  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    A 5-minute walk from the Nara Station on the Kintetsu Line.

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