Lake Iruka
Lake Iruka
Lake Iruka Lake Iruka


Lake Iruka, with a circumference of about 16 km, is one of the largest man-made ponds in Japan, located in the Hida-Kisogawa Quasi-National Park, and is a popular fishing spot for Japanese smelt and Black basses.
Back in the Edo period (1603-1868), the only source of water in the low-lying northeastern part of Owari was rainwater and small reservoirs, which often led to conflicts between communities.
So six men from each village organized a group and planned to build a huge reservoir to satisfy the shortage of irrigation channels. However, there were many problems to be solved, such as the huge construction costs, sluice gates, and compensation for the farmers.
Meanwhile, the development request could be submitted via the Naruse family, which was trusted by the first feudal lord, Yoshinao Tokugawa, and the construction was approved and realized. The six people who played a central role were later called "Iruka Six People".
Nowadays, the lakeside is a popular spot for viewing cherry blossoms and azaleas along with other flowers, and is a great place to relax.

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    Ikeno, Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture

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    Mar., Apr., May, Jun.

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  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    About 5 minutes from the Chuo Expressway "Komaki Higashi IC"

    Take the bus bound for Meiji-mura from the Meitetsu Bus Center for about 1 hour and 10 minutes, and get off at Meiji-mura and walk for about 10 minutes

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