Kinojo Castle Ruins
Kinojo Castle Ruins
Kinojo Castle Ruins
Kinojo Castle Ruins Kinojo Castle Ruins Kinojo Castle Ruins


In 663 A.D., after the Yamato Imperial Court was severely defeated by the Baekje restoration forces and their ally in the Battle of Baekgang (Battle of Hakusukinoe), they built defensive facilities to protect the country.
Although the castle's construction date is unknown as there is no mention in the Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan) or other documents, subsequent excavations suggest that it was built in the late 7th century.
Located on the summit of Mt. Kinojo at an elevation of 397 meters, the castle walls with stone and earthen mounds stretch for about 2.8 kilometers in a bowl-shaped pattern. It consists of four gates, six corner towers, and a watergate.
While many mountain castles are incomplete, Kinojo is said to be one of the few ancient mountain castles that are completed and equipped with most of the necessary facilities.

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    Kuroo, Soja City, Okayama Prefecture

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    All year

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    30 minutes by car from JR Soja Station

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