Dangyo-no-taki (Dangyo Waterfalls)
Dangyo-no-taki (Dangyo Waterfalls)
Dangyo-no-taki (Dangyo Waterfalls) Dangyo-no-taki (Dangyo Waterfalls)


In the upper reaches of the Nahisa River, which originates from Yokoo Mountain, there are two waterfalls, the "male" waterfall (50m in height) and the "female" one ( 40m in height).
In the center of the rock wall stands the Dankyo Shrine, where you can pass by the shrine and enjoy the "Urami-no-Taki" - the view from behind the male waterfall. The backside of the waterfall is a mystical and healing spot where you can feel the negative ions while splashing in the water.
The waterfall has been worshipped as " Exceptional Water " since ancient times, and drinking the water from Dankyo Falls is said to be beneficial to one's luck in love and work.

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    Nagu, Okinoshima Town, Oki District, Shimane Prefecture

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    All year

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    40 minutes by car from Saigo Port

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