Sekiheki Red Cliff
Sekiheki Red Cliff
Sekiheki Red Cliff Sekiheki Red Cliff


On the west coast of Chiburi Island, there is a series of cliffs 50 to 200 meters high that have been roughly carved out for about 1 km.
The weathering of the iron-containing tuff causes the rock surface to turn red or brown, and the black color of the basalt and the white color of the trachyte create a beautiful contrast.
The color of the rock surface changes depending on the time of day, and at dusk it glows a deep red in the sun, creating a romantic atmosphere.
This is a precious place where you can clearly see the traces of magma mounding, and in 1935 it was designated as a national scenic beauty and natural monument, this area is a specially protected national park.

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    Nibu, Okigun Chibumura, Shimane Prefecture

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    All year

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    15 minutes by car from Chibu Kurii Port

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