Akasaki Promenade
Akasaki Promenade
Akasaki Promenade
Akasaki Promenade Akasaki Promenade Akasaki Promenade


About 178km south of Tokyo there is a beautiful island called Kozu (Kozushima). Located in the Izu Islands group, Kozu is a spot where you can enjoy fishing, diving, surfing, camping, and the highly transparent sea. On the Akasaki coast in the northern part of the island, there is a promenade surrounded by the rugged rocky cove that is perfect for a walk. At the diving platform built on the promenade, you can also have an active experience of jumping toward the beautiful sea, during summertime this place is quite crowded with children and tourists.

* Safety first! Check the condition before jumping into the sea. Depending on the tide level, it may be dangerous to dive in shallow water, so make sure it is deep enough.

  • Address

    Kobeyama, Kozushima, Tokyo 100-0601

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  • Best Season

    May, Jun., Jul., Aug.

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  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    About 3 hours and 5 minutes by high-speed boat from Tokyo Takeshiba Passenger Ship Terminal, or about 1 hour and 35 minutes by high-speed boat from Atami Port

    From Kozushima Port, take the village bus bound for Akasaki Promenade (about 15 minutes), get off at the endpoint

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