Unshoji Temple in Akita
Unshoji Temple in Akita
Unshoji Temple in Akita Unshoji Temple in Akita

Jul. Evening

Unshoji Temple in Kitaura, Oga City, Akita Prefecture, started its history in 1624, and according to the temple legend, it was founded by Shodoin the Second Kanan Kiseki Yamato Osho in Akita City. Unshoji Temple is also known as the Hydrangea Temple in Akita usually blooming from mid-June to mid-July. It has been featured in numerous media and SNS as a hot view spot in recent years. The scenery of the carefully raised hydrangea shining in blue and filling the precincts is truly a magnificent view that can only be seen in early summer.

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    Akita, Oga, Kitaurakitaura, Kitaura 57 010-0683

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    Jun., Jul.

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    About 45 minutes by car from Showa Oga Peninsula IC, about 7 minutes by car from Oga Onsenkyo

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