Hatenohama Beach
Hatenohama Beach
Hatenohama Beach Hatenohama Beach


This 7km-long uninhabited island lies to the east of Kumejima Island, off the coasts of Ou-jima and Oha-jima Islands. It consists of three sandbars, “Meenu Hama”, “Naka no Hama”, and “Hate no Hama”, and is considered the most beautiful uninhabited sandy beach in the East. Pure white sands and the emerald green sea stretching out the horizons make it a heavenly place.

  • Address

    Kumejima-cho, Shimajiri, Okinawa

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  • Best Season

    Jul., Aug.

  • Point

    The sunlight is extremely strong here, so you should bring your sunscreen, hat, and your own drinks. Oh, don’t forget to bring your camera along too! Advance booking is advised as boat is the only available means of transportation to Hatenohama Beach.

  • Nearest Station/IC Access

    Pick up by courtesy boat from Eef Beach on the Kumejima Island available (approximately 20 minutes).

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